Sani-Touch. Do not store in temperatures above 105 ºF. Helps to retain youth for a long time and prevents the appearance of aging symptoms on the skin of your hands. If you are looking for a small touchless freestanding hand sanitizer for home or light use for staff behind a bar, restaurant or hotel I would recommend going for the very reasonably priced ELTD and BuGuBuGu hand sanitizing units (the first two). Hands Feel. Research data suggests that there are no measurable differences between gel and foaming hand sanitizers. Infrared ports will trigger the device to automatically spray out an alcohol solution to sterilize your hands (or objects). The main issue with this product, however, is that is has a very small hand sanitizer capacity. Discontinue use if you develop redness or irritation, and consult your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment if symptoms persist. Dispense an adequate amount of hand sanitizer in your palm to cover all surfaces of the hands completely. easy return. $54.99$54.99. Just fill the reservoir with 75% alcohol and Two Hands will do the rest! The ELTD freestanding hand sanitizer is a good unit for anyone on a budget. I love this lil guy. I just received my Touch Germ Block package today. Like the previous two dispensers with a base unit, it has a 1000 ml hand sanitizing capacity for longer use. The only drawback with this product is like the S SMAUTOP Hand Sanitizer Dispenser it has to be used with the base and cant be placed on work surfaces. © touchland ® All rights reserved. The main drawback with this product is that the main touchless hand sanitizer has to be used with the base unit which means it's not suitable for placing on countertops. It also has a pictorial representation of hand cleaning, making it ideal for locations with international visitors. However, the main issue with this product is that it is relatively more expensive and doesn't offer many additional features for the higher price. Its also has a lightweight base making it easy to transport around and has a handy pictogram so people can see it from a distance. I honestly can say, I will never go back to the gel sanitizers! Touch is a great product, and in a convenient, spill proof packaging due to the spray application. For phone orders call: 310-469-9071. Great product. Discover more. Meet the first beautifully designed smart dispenser that enables a healthier environment while improving your brand image. Convenient Pump Action Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Electric Touch Free Sensor Activated - Specifically Designed To Be Used With Hand Sanitizer - Perfect For Desktops, Workplace, Home, School, Kids (330ml / 11oz) 2.9 out of 5 stars 4 $19.99$19.99 Get it as soon as Wed, Sep 2 Does this product contain alcohol? 5 Best Folding Tables For Food & Market Stalls 2020, 5 Best Portable Hand Wash Stations For Events 2020. We’re a female-led brand of innovators offering creative personal care solutions to better your every day.“Hand sanitizer has been a majorly overlooked aspect of the beauty industry. The tank holds just enough to not have to be refilling constantly. I just love Touch! Real-time water saving counter supports environmental friendliness. That’s why this little hand sanitizer device is so great. Any hardware or software hiccups can be reported through the app to Touchland for suggested replacement or repair. Each Kub or Kub Premium self-monitors for needed refills and battery life; communicating directly with Touchland HQ. 2020. Your Kub or Kub Premium will alert you when to replace a refill or charge batteries. Get the real deal for real results. ", Andrew Moore, Senior Managing Director, Beacon Capital Partners, "One of our main goals when we launched the Purple showrooms was to create an interactive, clean, and comfortable space where our customers can experience our products. The active ingredient in this product is isopropyl alcohol. I have now bought two sets of Touch and I'm totally thrilled with it! Yes. It is probably best suited for use back of the house for staff members than high volume use by customers, You can buy it here for Amazon at the latest price. If your order is above the minimum order quantity, please reach out to to get started. Touch is the best hand sanitizer - it keeps your hands super soft, even though it's a spray-hand sanitizer. Our sanitizer gel is fragrance-free, and the only scent you can smell is the alcohol. This hand sanitizer gel contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to moisturize and soothe your skin, making it great for kids and people with sensitive skin. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations and knockoffs. From bars, restaurants and cafes to shopping centres, retails stores, lobbies and everywhere in between. Is this product hypoallergenic? CasaTimo Touchless Hand Sanitizer/Alcohol Dispenser, Automatic Soap Dispenser, Hands-Free, Motion Sensor, 15.2oz/450ml, Adjustable, Countertop/Wall Mounted, for Kitchen, Bath, Office, Hospital, Silver. Introducing our revolutionary aqueous formulation that leaves a fresh yet hydrating feeling in your hands. If you’re not happy with your Two Hands product for any reason, feel free to return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Yes. No sloppy messes and, best of all, no touch! Not only does it have a large sanitizing capacity of 1000 ml and a height adjuster, but it also has a dual power supply. Touchland provides the highest quality and most innovative hand sanitizer dispenser on the market. Partner Login. Sanitizes hands as well as other objects like keys, phones, and more No cross-contact contamination

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