And what is most important for me? The versatile cookware range designed around a patented detachable handle, that securely attaches in one click. If you need any further assistance contact Tefal Customer Relations by going to their ' Contact Us' page on their website Tefal UK. Very easy to use detachable handle. It also means that your food will cook more evenly as the heat reaches every surface area of the frying pan. Easy to keep clean and so versatile - from the stove to the oven with no fuss, just detach the handle and you’re away! Really brilliant pan. Each pan in the set is great for sauteeing, frying, and stir frying both meats and vegetables! The Tefal Expertise frying pan is a fantastic non-stick frying pan that is ideal for cooking meat and fish. Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set. It rivals any other non-stick surfaces like Teflon but with a ceramic coating, it is deemed to be a safer option. It is such a joy when you don’t have to scrub your pan endlessly after a cooking session. We also like that there is almost no smoke even when cooking at high temperature. Haven't had them for too long, so need to see how they last with sustained use, but given the experience so far I'd be tempted to invest in the matching sauce pans and space saving lids if the non-stick coating held up. If you want a deep non-stick pan, definitely check this frying pan out! With so many different brands out there offering non-stick frying pans, it can be hard to decide which one to get. Also, Happy Call non-stick pans do not contain potentially harming chemicals that some other non-stick materials have. Detach the handle and these frying pans stack inside each other for up to 50% space saving! I found the feel of the frying pan very sturdy and well made, it filled me with confidence on the quality of the frying pan. Its non-stick surface is made of Thermolon which is a ceramic material made from sand. It certainly won’t last 12 years as it claims, The manufacturer commented on the review below, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 November 2019. The Happy Call Diamond Frying Pan is yet another excellent product that has found thousands of happy users in Singapore alone. It was a really good weight and evenly distributed with a solid handle base. Currently … Wow what a fab pan cooks my fried eggs perfect. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I love them and I’m going to replace some of my other pots with this range . If food begins to "stick" to the pan this is usually a sign that the non-stick properties have been weakened due to the pan having been overheated; not conditioned regularly; food has been burnt in the pan or there is a build-up of food residues in the pan. Featuring the signature Thermo-signal in the middle, you will know once the pan has reached its optimal cooking temperature. If you don't like loads of washing up, this is easy. The thermo spot is a great heat indicator that turns solid red when the pan reaches the perfect cooking temperature, make sure to use it properly and it will guarantee perfect cooking results every time That is certainly impressive! Thanks to its cutting edge technology, Tefal pots and pans represent the excellence in cookware both in terms of durability and delicious result: Thermo-Spot® turns full red when the frypan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing.It guarantees: Perfect texture, Perfect color, Perfect flavor. A very high quality pan that heats up quickly and requires very little oil to cook. Users have commented that their frying pan is still as good as new after years of use.

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