It is advisable to … The small triangular apartment was extended by adding a … Frequent cleaning. Creating a special unit for sleeping and using its volume for storage compartments. Argentinian studio IR Arquitectura designed this compact 18-square-metre apartment on the corner of a block in Buenos Aires. At the beginning of the year 2020. if you lived in a studio apartment, you might haven’t even noticed its size. Color distinction- paint the second level in a different tonality. De-cluttering is a very crucial aspect of cramped living spaces. Working long hours, visiting a bar after work, going to a cinema, theatre, to the gym or hanging […] 50 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas (2020) – Modern, Tiny & Clever 1. Painting this … Living in a small apartment, especially if you live in a big city isn’t something uncommon. One of the first things that come... 2. The beauty of the studio apartment is that one needn’t break the bank to achieve the best in design inspiration. From the swinging 60’s pads of James Bond to nouveau chic European models, as well as the timeless Manhattan atelier, there is truly no limit to the ways in which you can transform your studio space into a den worth envying.

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