Pro: Using Technology Can Excite Young Students. It shifts the classroom experience from the ‘sage-on-a-stage’ approach to a more collaborative learning environment. which could be inculcated in the classroom. Pro ― Technology Can Streamline Tedious Tasks. At the end of the class, setting the same quiz again allows all students to gauge their learning. The candidates are no longer going to rely on books which are shared by their seniors for them to study. Many people are skeptical of technology and what it does to students’ (and everyone else’s) ability to verbally communicate. The benefits of using technology in the classroom are far-reaching and need to be embraced by modern educators who seek to prepare students for adult life. The Internet is a blessing and a curse. Why Don't Students Demand More Career Information From Colleges? Today, it is not uncommon for many school age children to have first encountered technological devices as toddlers. With that in mind, this article looks at the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom as well as the cons—and it addresses how to combat some of the pitfalls you might come across when adopting new technology-based teaching and assessment techniques. An abundance of available tools allows extending learning beyond the classroom and making education so much more appealing to youngsters than your regular books and libraries. We will analyze all sides of technology in education to determine major benefits and challenges and to give you the idea of how to make the most of utilizing digital tools in your educational institution. It allows you to experiment more in the pedagogy. By creating assignments in class that use both technological tools as well as oral presentations and group collaboration, students will learn to be dynamic in how they learn and interact with others. Learn more about Top Hat’s classroom polling app Access your online course or upload your completed print-based coursework. Pro ― Technology Is a Part of Modern Life. Unacademy Raises New Funds from Tiger Global & Dragoneer; Valuation Soars to $2B, Live Hobby Classes Provider Yellow Class Raises $1.3M In Pre-Series A Funding, upGrad Acquires The GATE Academy to Foray into Test Prep Space, English Language Learning Startup AllRight Raises $5M in Series A Funding, Crazy Ways People Try To Cheat On Tests - What A Proctor Sees, Wakelet: The Digital Curation Platform You Must Check Out. Programs like Top Hat, for instance, allow a teacher to manage tests securely in a digital environment that automatically grades and tracks them, while also allowing greater interaction with students and collaboration in the classroom. The society of today has become quite reliant on technology. For these students, point them in the direction of library or community resources, or create assignments that allow them to work in groups and share resources. Universities As Hotbed For Nurturing Entrepreneuri... Vedantu, Airtel Partner to Make Quality Education ... Extramarks Launches New App ‘Lil One’ for Earl... Stones2Milestones Acquires Chennai-based Kids Cont... Technology Ideas and Tools to Connect Students to the World. There are few students who do require the creativity for stimulating their potential learning. 12,391. Students are digital natives. When you’re choosing classroom technology, it’s important to engage with the software vendor and make sure you have the support in place. Pros of Technology in the Classroom 1. Technology has completely moulded the way communication is perceived these days. Using technology in classroom could prepare your students for their deep rooted future with enhanced technologies hitting into the market. One often comes across these common … Mobile technology in classrooms is a must-have if students want to be prepared for almost any career today. Wednesday the 25th Wyatt. Despite the numerous innovations and new ideas the education technology (EdTech) revolution brought to the classroom, teachers can’t turn a blind eye on the drawbacks of using technology in the classroom. Adding a computer to the classroom that students can play on when done with their work, use to search Google and access for word processing purposes is not using technology to the fullest in the classroom. Besides, it’s my responsibility as an educator to ensure that my lecture is compelling. Young children who spend more time engaging with devices may not spend as much time interacting with their peers—which can affect those children’s social and emotional growth. Here are some tips on finding OERs, and Top Hat’s Marketplace is also a reliable source of OER you can use. From e-textbooks to organizational platforms, apps and more, there are several available tools that can make learning more enjoyable. Sophia Harris is an education consultant by profession at, Click to see more! navajocodetalkersadmin on June 29, 2015 - 5:27 pm in Pros and Cons. For older generations, information was not as readily available and required that children have access to traditional resources.

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