But it’s still not nirvana, since 53,911 crimes were reported […], Congratulations for wanting to become a police officer, which is as respectable and exciting a profession as it is dangerous and physically straining. If you want to become part of the Portland police department or Eugene police department, then you have to train hard for the physical ability test. Candidates must pass the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's physical fitness test prior to attending the Academy. Do you dream of becoming part of the Hillsboro police department or any of the cities in Oregon? 5 Best Majors for Aspiring Officers (It’s Not What You’d Think!). Following the interview, the recruit is interviewed by the sheriff before being offered employment. The test consists of 200 questions which measure general cognitive abilities and assess attributes important to performing in an entry level police officer position. Be advised that this preliminary determination is not binding as it is made based upon information provided by the applicant only. It is a critical component of service delivery of the Portland Police Bureau to maintain a drug-free workplace. Continue reading to learn more about these requirements and specific requirements for major agencies within the state. Colonel’s Interview: Once the screening committee determines that the candidate should continue in the process, the candidate is then scheduled for an interview with the Chief of the Maine State Police. Watch a brief video about the Police Recruit Physical Fitness Pre-Examination. You are given a dorm room but are not required to stay there during the week or weekends. They set it up this way because one of the most important aspects to being a police officer is being in good shape. About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Terms of Use and Disclaimers, “My advice would be for those looking to get into law enforcement, especially those in the 21-25 years of age bracket, is to have some work experience in a customer-service oriented field so that you feel comfortable dealing with a variety of individuals and gain experience on “de-escalating” someone who was not satisfied with the level of service they received. Medical Evaluation: Any candidate that is selected by the Colonel to continue in the process is then scheduled for a medical examination to determine if the candidate is medically fit for the complex duties of a Maine State Trooper. Then you should know the police academy requirements in the state Oregon, as well as the application process. Oregon police academy age requirements state that applicants must a minimum 21 years of age. The test is administered online at the Portland Police Department several times each year. Applicants must meet state standards and: The hiring process begins with an application, video evaluation, and a written test. NOTE:  The eligibility requirements are subject to change at any time. Screening Committee Review: The screening committee will examine the results of the background investigation as well as the polygraph examination to determine if the candidate is eligible to continue. New recruits must meet state standards and: In addition to meeting these minimum requirements, hopeful new troopers must go through a rigorous selection process that includes a written test, a physical fitness test, a background check, a drug screening, and an interview. The EPD requires that candidates meet state minimums. Joining a police academy is a milestone on the path to becoming a police officer. Oregon police academy requirements/standards in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Corvallis, Tigard, Lake Oswego. That was until I hit "reply" without seeing the date of the last post. You must be a US Citizen at the time of appointment. Required fields are marked *. Mainly because right now there is a high demand for officers. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of March 2018.5, Resources: 1. Basically, this test will help determine your overall fitness level. Instead, the opposite happened and the crime rate actually dropped.

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