The Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail – Freshwater Summer Slam Series is officially over! 658 near Whitecourt, including the Lesser Slave River watershed and the Pembina River watershed upstream to Highway 43 near Sangudo. ● Northern Pike limit 3 over 63 cm This large Northern Alberta lake is a popular fishing destination thanks to its huge lake trout, which are known to reach 12.5 kg (30 lb) in size. Another lake that's worth the trip, and the largest lake on this list, Calling Lake Provincial Park is often the setting of those “biggest fish” stories. Looking for a fishing report about a lake here in Alberta? �]}����q�.Uw.͢�W Z�U�F��ʓ!�v��Ⱥ1���GP"ӝ�V�U��i��� ● Yellow Perch limit 15 ��Ɖ%�/"��).GNd���C'\ٔ׎�j����#�)��3�SO����� �� ;N��OFr�;ˡ�Ow6���6�U��u��O�^�_���3�Ύ�+���K�U��t��e� ● Trout limit 3 ^!V4�2� $���t�K�L�B��C��<2r������Z�Bɗ�&F�d��T6����r�7z�{� �T�x�hY�)��J�oʽed�Y�G��:b=�p�U�7�=�@�n%�^4�yIǦ����m�S sL{�`Ȉ |ş2Z �A����� ● Arctic Grayling limit 0 Boy, that name is a mouthful. The four Northern Boreal Watershed Units (NB1-NB4) are made of the Beaver, Athabasca, La Biche, Lesser Slave, Pembina, Peace, Wabasca, Hay, Christina, Clearwater rivers and Lake Athabasca watersheds. The Mrs. and I managed to grab a campsite at the new Pinehurst Lake campground. ● Walleye limit 3 over 50 cm u��?����P��P�C�MW$��C�:f��Bɳ�N5�JT��.���R��:��� 4�h�d$�RÒŊV������7>�������������AS6iY>�=A�)��Y� ���!�J=n�ҕ�zɧhn�P�U�5y|�U.�ۨ!����R����⌯���0�{���|������eq���������(��Y�&����6! Pinehurst is a favourite destination for local anglers, and has a staging area outside of the campsite for OHV use for the trail network throughout Lakeland PRA. ● General regulation stocked trout lakes are listed here. 6��'�u�O@��^I���p�����+G׌QOǧt��K+a:�9�����άn�$�m"g�@"��z`1�=L��y�Lא5X���n����ڻU��}����B���9�9�n"�CZ=��?�1,�C �}D�s�������j-�P}��"� �X��;IւH�_�j0;�k}Dyxz���&�Sm4�Ş����җ���B{�ί�q�穵wr��3��Œɸ�1F��D 55, 3km north on Range Rd. The Northern Boreal consists of a vast area of central and northern Alberta consists of boreal forest. ● Yellow Perch limit 15 The contents of this website are provided free-of-charge to all recreational anglers in Alberta. Most of these events do not advertise and there is minimal or no entrance fee. With camp sites right next to the lake, this is another opportunity to stretch that day-trip into two. "�J��;y����, Ih�. 55, 3km north on Range Rd. NB2 Default Sportfishing Regulations 36, 5km east on Hwy. Mainstem of a river: includes the mainstem channel and any side channel, oxbows, riparian flow channels, and plunge pools below spillways. ● Arctic Grayling limit 0 :�G�*i��G��MG��<0�Z���]�|f�5����VZ���'�OIVLdt�R�ڥ�I�N3�pz�&��'l�n�\멑rmm3���mg���@K�M�o+��cB��� �b���^��>R�ື�I�Τ��&��CrB�Y��Y~����[�eLe��N�;t�ŃK����ގ�;�pé|��-W��MPBx���Q%3�5� �MF'���t�'�5B�^��me öq��A�� r��Eק��R],[���:D��ޥ�O�a��X�@��N�7���_8��z�5�XC����8�L�����u֭*�*O���m��ő�w��Cf���5���Ls4����'�Z��]�{��z(��9����]��-��|밌��e�9�^ibp0 �G�z�bث�� �EĦ��k�0�{y%�y7UNQ��z�jט��� ● If a listed waterbody does not have a season listed, it is CLOSED to fishing during that period. NB2 - Rivers, Creeks and Streams. 138 0 obj <>stream 652, and 7km north on access road. ● The names of most NB2 lakes and streams are listed alphabetically in the site specific regulation tables on the following pages. Y,�����ŷ���� +� YD0��M���J����൩uFѽ�F��~�I��/����Z�E�S*Y:�%�:SD�|ړ\6���>t,��a��&�] � Small Competitive Fishing Event. ● If a NB2 lake, reservoir, river, stream or species is not listed, follow the default regulations below. Website by SportS scene Publications Inc.  © 2020. 813 near Athabasca and Sec. endstream endobj 140 0 obj <>stream Fish & Tackle ShopsLocate a store near you. Alberta's sport fishing guide. Pinehurst Lake Campground is located in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area, 17 km south of Lac La Biche on Hwy. ��"��X�ޕ���-�� �n��-���]IRd 5X���V����WR�� 9�i�3���w�+�)� Rd. ● Fishing with Bait in NB2 lakes is allowed, except at lakes listed with Bait Bans under NB2 site specific regulations. 36, 5km east on Hwy. ● Bait allowed, OPEN Jun. 652, and  7km north on access road. Smaller streams may not be listed, but may be included as tributaries to a listed larger stream. (100% reservable), Hours for purchasing firewood: Monday/Tuesday 5:00-6:00 pm; Wednesday/Thursday 2:30-3:30 pm; Friday/Sunday 5:00-7:00 pm. Northern Alberta has wide ranges of lakes. ● Lake Whitefish limit 10 BAIT FISHING The majority of the lakes in Alberta occur in the boreal forest zone. Pinehurst Lake Campground is located in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area, 17 km south of Lac La Biche on Hwy. ● Fishing with Bait in NB2 streams is NOT allowed except at portions of a few rivers under NB2 site specific listing regulations. Although Alberta Parks strives to maintain drinking water quality at its campgrounds, at this particular site we recommend that you bring your own drinking water. 132, 19 km east on Township Rd. About two and half hours north of Edmonton, plan for a full day of fishing. River Fishing. NB2 - Lakes, Reservoirs and Ponds 132, 19 km east on Township Rd. ● Mountain Whitefish limit 5 over 30 cm Our favorite include- Pinehurst, Cold Lake, spencer, lac de isl and many more.

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