The mean, median, and mode have the same value for which of the following probability distributions? Compute the probability of the event E = 'an even number less than 4'. Six-Week Pacing Guide: Applied Probability and Statistics This is the pacing guide/checklist for the topics and tasks recommended for each week of this course. The case study method allows the investigation of rare or unusual problems or event... A professional basketball player from Nigeria makes 85% of the free throws he tries. Find and interpre... A child psychologist wants to estimate the mean age at which a child learns to talk using a confidence interval. Based upon this, compu... A multiple-choice test consists of 24 questions with possible answers of a, b, c, d, e. Estimate the probability that with random guessing, the number of correct answers is at least 9. For two events A and B, p(A) = 0.2, p(B) = 0.2, and p(A|B) = 0.5. a. According to the 1993 World Factbook, the 1993 total fertility rate (mean number of children born per woman) for Madagascar is 6.75. Construct a 95% confidence interval assuming n = 100. If the candidate only wants a 4% margin of error at a 90% confidence level, what sample siz... Let X1, X2, ..., X42 and Y1, Y2, ..., Y56 be independent random samples from populations with means mu1 = 18 and mu2 = 15 and with standard deviations sigma1 = 8 and sigma2 = 9. a. In such a condition of static equilibrium, what is... Let x be a random variable that represents the weights in kilograms of healthy adult female deer in December in a national park. - 84% - 2% -... Twelve different video games showing substance use were observed and the duration times of game play (in seconds) are listed below. 1. Hello, I need need help in the Statistics class at WGU. Calculate the reliability p of the device. Primary research probes data that is already collected. Recognize and differentiate between key terms. Include examples of two dependent disjoint events, and two independent non-disjoint events. a. Assume the population has a distribution with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 10. 2/15 b. If you are testing a piece of evidence to determine if it is consistent with a fraud case, you are performing a(n) a. Hypothesis test. Consider the hypotheses shown below. The paired samples shown in the accompanying table have been obtained from normally distributed populations. In a survey of 1000 drivers from Region, A random sample of 88 eighth grade students' scores on a national mathematics assessment test has a. Suppose you want to estimate the percentage of videos on YouTube that are cat videos. a. If a random sample of 4 customers is selected, find the probability that the average waiting time is more than 6.0 min. A random sample of 200 machines is taken, and 54 of the machines in the sample malfunction. What is the probability of selecting a donor that is blood type A-positive or is Rh-negative? The maximum angle the... Use the given value of the linear correlation coefficient to calculate the coefficient of determination. Access answers to hundreds of statistics and probability questions outlined in a way that's easy for you to understand. Find the value for A and B. 0.830 b. Which tre... For a normal distribution with μ = 100 and σ = 5, what is the probability of selecting a score between X = 90 and X = 110? 95% of the confidence intervals will contain the parameter of interest. Express the null and alternative hypotheses in symbolic form for this claim. Find P(A U B) when P(A) = 0.23, P(B|A) = 0.11, and P(A|B)... Compute the probability below if the information given is sufficient to answer the question. Conduct and interpret hypothesis tests for a single population mean, population standard deviation unknown. Each month the National Association of Purchasing Managers publishes the NAPM index. Investigation test. The frame is 31.2 cm by 14.6 cm, and the angle a is 53.1 degrees. Similar to how we say something has a 30 out of 100 chance of happening by saying 30/100, to find the probability of B happening given that A has happened, we take the probability of A and B happening and divide it by the probability of just A happening. The average age of the residents in a city is 37, and the standard deviation is 18 years. It is true that individual investors often rely on hunches, rules of thumb, or old wive's tales to justify making the particular investment that too much relies on subjective matters and emotional influence. Conduct and interpret hypothesis tests for matched or paired samples. Assume that the variables x and y have a significant correlation. a. Then, x has a distribution that is approximately normal with a mean... State the Null and Alternative Hypothesis. The design of the study justifies the assumption that the sample... A population of values has a normal distribution with \mu = 180.4 \text{ and } \sigma = 11. HOME Probability COURSES DEGREE PLAN SUCCESS CENTERS STUDENT SUPPORT The graduate applies principles and methods of probability-based mathematics to explain and solve problems. What is the probability of getting exactly three heads? Determine the test statistic. Suppose that a coin biased to heads, P(head)=0.65, is flipped 20 times. minutes FZO1 A score of Competent or Exemplary is required to pass all assessments. Display data graphically and interpret graphs: stemplots, histograms, and box plots. The mean federal income tax paid last year by a random sample of 30 persons selected from a city was $4209. It is known that the mean income for all assembly-line workers with less than 5 years of experience in a large company is $300 per week. A bowler's scores for a sample of six games were: 172, 168, 188, 190, 172, 182 and 174. A chi-square (χ2) statistic is a test that measures how expectations compare to actual observed data (or model results). a. 1/15 c. 1/9 d. 3/10, The assembly time for a product is uniformly distributed between 6 to 10 minutes. If you took a sample of 20 teenage girls, would the sampling distribution of average BMI follow an approximately norm... Heights of boys in a high school are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 175 cm and a standard deviation of 5 cm. a. The null hypothesis is the old style is better and the alternative hypothesis is the new style is better. The variance is a weighted average of the: a. square root of the deviations from the mean b. square root of the deviations from the median c. squared deviations from the median d. squared deviation... Variance is: a. a measure of the average, or central value, of a random variable b. a measure of the dispersion of a random variable c. the square root of the standard deviation d. the sum of the d... A weighted average of the value of a random variable, where the probability function provides weights, is known as a(n): a. probability function b. random variable c. expected value d. none of the... A measure of the average value of a random variable is called a(n): a. variance b. standard deviation c. expected value d. none of the above.

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