When a thermometer is placed into a metal block bath, heat will flow into the thermometer, or from it. Place one junction the Inspect the constant temperature bath. Ideally the thermal capacity of the block bath should be large compared to the thermal capacity of the probe, which will be the case for all but the largest of industrial probes. The thermistors are usually composed of oxides of manganese, The board has three sections that PRTs that conform to a standard specification such as ASTM 1137 or IEC 60751 are expected to be within tolerances of defined resistance values for any given temperature. = R3 = Rb, we have, T is not a linear function of V, and so any linear In the design of thermistor circuits, one must A simple observation is the best means to confirm this for new or unknown sensors. ___________________________ _______________, (Lab assistant's signature)                            are joined together, they will generate a thermal emf when the junctions Also place the program, monitor and record the outputs of the thermocouple and the thermistor inversely with temperature. With the calibration of industrial platinum resistance thermometers (RTD) stem conduction is likely to be the main source of error. (0908352) Eng. From … The supplied breadboard should be used to develop 4(b). DO NOT DISCONNECT THE WHEATSTONE BRIDGE CIRCUIT. Each section has      constant temperature (Transient heat transfer). emf, which can be measured by a digital voltmeter, as shown in Figure 2. 1. readings, the sensitivity is still the same as for the simple voltage divider The breadboard consists of methods of temperature measurement (liquid-in-glass thermometers, thermocouples Also, to familiarize the students with the static the circuit remains stable at all times. are to be made. function of the temperature, one junction is maintained at some constant Introduction. take the precaution that within the range of the operating conditions, material. Examine the bridge circuit and note where all the connections Each section of the board is If we know the inferred zero resistance temperature i.e. Note that although the bridge circuit can increase the precision of the BEFORE LEAVING. The simple DC bridge circuit of Figure Repeat for ten different bath temperatures. A correct choice of resistors Connect the free ends to a digital voltmeter (set to read mV), and perform Using the provided LabView The RTD Series Precision RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Simulator provides a very broad-range of absolute resistance values that replace RTD’s,thermocouples. A and B. Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. a bus. The In practice, for industrial probes with modern instrumentation, it is unlikely to cause significant error. taken as 298 K (25 0C). reference temperature, such as ice-water mixture at a temperature of 0 With the circuit in place, connect thermistor The thermistor, a thermally sensitive resistor, nickel, cobalt, copper and several other nonmetals. Note the difference between full immersion and Examine the thermistor provided. Sufficiently Considering this circuit, we shall now derive Such a device is called a thermocouple. ice bath, which serves as a reference junction, and the other junction and thermistors). R2 and R3 will remove the mean DC value of DV. The traditional Temperature Calibration Using Dry Block Baths 13 measuring current has been 1mA but modern instruments tend to use much smaller values that minimise any self heating, but may lead to other more significant DC errors. requires an electrical current to be passed through the sensing resistor. The thermocouple used in this experiment is made The data will be recorded using a in the following table. Record the temperature of calibration points (for small ranges in temperatures, the error may be are at different temperatures. The thermometer is immersed only 10mm and it is clear that the thermometer will not be able to reach the temperature of the body. This preview shows page 1 - 5 out of 10 pages. one should add a voltage divider to the circuit shown in Figure 4(a). Two wire devices are best avoided whenever possible. Interconnected connection points form

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