An automatic disqualification occurs for a felony conviction. Complete a background investigation and polygraph test. Begin working as a fully certified New York State Trooper. Is Criminal Justice a Good Degree to Become an Officer or State Trooper? The New York State Police has a long and proud history of serving the citizens of New York since 1917. Connect with Substance Abuse Counselor: Training Requirements and Career Options. Physical fitness, technical skills, and academic learning are emphasized. These officers may direct traffic, issue citations, arrest criminals, assist injured motorists involved in accidents and help local law enforcement agencies. Not having a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Troopers are eligible to apply for promotion to Sergeant after four years of service. In many areas, New York State Troopers are the first responders to any call for service. Steps to Becoming a New York State Trooper Apply to the New York State Police. Facebook: @nyspolice, New York State Police800 Crooked Hill RdBrentwood, NY 11717 During Candidate Processing Weekend, candidates are evaluated regarding their physical performance and complete a psychological evaluation, a medical examination, and a polygraph test. How Do You Become a State Trooper in Texas and Would a Criminal Justice Degree Be Preferred? Applicants must be a citizen of the US, a resident of New York state, and have a high school diploma plus 60 college credit hours. The New York State Police is currently recruiting for the following civilian positions: Crime Victims Advocate - 2 Vacancies; To learn more about Civilian Employment, check out the Civilian Employment section. Candidates are also required to have at least 20/100 eyesight uncorrected and 20/20 corrected. Are you ready to find a school that's aligned with your interests? The Physical Ability Test consists of three subtests; sit-ups, push-ups and the 1.5 mile run. Knowingly or willfully engaged in acts or activities, or a member of a group that is designed to, or supports the overthrow of, the U.S. government by force or seeks to deprive anyone of their rights protected under the United States or Florida Constitution. State troopers are responsible for enforcing laws on local and state roads. Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Corrections, Online Peace Officer Certification Information, Online Classes and Courses for Aspiring Police Officers, Online Forensic Nurse Examiner Courses and Classes, Border Patrol Officer: Salary Info, Duties and Requirements, Salary Info for a Masters in Forensic Psychology, Court Bailiff: Job Duties and Requirements for Becoming a Court Bailiff, Deputy Sheriff: Job Outlook & Career Requirements, Schools with Cybercrime Programs: How to Choose, CHP Courses, Classes and Training Programs, Courses in Cybercrime Studies: Detailed Course Descriptions, Deputy Sheriff Courses, Classes and Training Requirements, Careers in Law Enforcement: Job Options and Education Requirements, Jobs in Border Patrol and Customs: Career Options and Requirements, Top Schools for Law Enforcement Administration, Top Schools for Police Science and Law Enforcement, Police Officer Video: Educational Requirements for a Career in Law Enforcement, Clerical Skills Training in Cincinnati Ohio, What Kind of Education Is Needed to Be a Broadcaster, How to Become a State Trooper: Step-by-Step Career Guide, Intellectual Property Laws and Regulations Abroad, Car Painting Courses and Classes Overview, All About Cars: 10 Top Blogs for Car Mechanics, Training Requirements for Personal Trainer, Car Painting Training Program Information, Online Electrical Car Systems Course Information, Career Information for a Degree in General Mathematics, Preschool Director Certification and Training Program Information, Schools with Master of Laws (LLM) Programs: How to Choose, Car Insurance Adjuster Schools: How to Choose, Production Designer Vs Production Manager, Web Analytics Consultant Job Description Salary, South Dakota Teacher Certification Renewal, Top Political Science Undergraduate Programs, Regional Training Manager Salary Job Description, Digital Marketing Analyst Salary Job Description.

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