It’s the craftsmanship, the pride in our work and 111 years of being part of the fabric of America that makes Anchor Hocking, The American Craft Glass Bottle Company. Item: W99919Capacity: 750 mlW:26.5 oz H: 11" D: 4.10 x 2.16"GPI Spec 34-3120"C" Dim 21.49mm, Item: W99920Capacity: 750 mlW:26.5 oz H: 11" D: 4.10 x 2.16"Cork Finish -Special circle inset to adda wax backstamp or medallionGPI Spec 34-3120"C" Dim 21.49mm, Item: W99920/XXCapacity: 750 mlW:26.5 oz H: 11" D: 4.10 x 2.16"Cork Finish -Customize this bottle withyour own logo embossed in the glass!GPI Spec 34-3120"C" Dim 21.49mm, Item: w99247RCapacity: 750 mLW:27.69 oz H: 8.669" W: 3.7"Cork Finish - No Punt- Wide BodyGPI Spec 34-3120"C" Dim 21.49, Item: W99909Capacity: 375 mLW:14.39 oz H: 6.858"" D: 3.005"Cork FinishGPI Spec 30-3120"C" Dim 18.49mm, Item: w99249Capacity: 750 mLW:27.69 oz H: 8.669" D: 3.89"GPI Spec 34-3120"C" Dim 21.49mm, Item: W99918Capacity: 375 mlW:14.39 oz H: 6.858" W: 3.101"Cork FinishGPI Spec 30-3120, Item: w99248Capacity: 750 mLW:27.69 oz H: 8.669" D: 2.845"Cork Finish - No Punt- Pinched Wide BodyGPI Spec 34-3120, Item: w99904Capacity: 1.75 LW:37.30 oz H: 13.46" D: 4.362"Threaded Finish - Pinch Grip HandleGPI Spec 33-360 TE, Item: W82501ALR1Capacity 750 mLW: 16 oz H:11.875" D:2.93"Cork Finish - Mid Punt - Narrow BodyGPI Spec 30A-3115"C' Dim 18.70mm, Item: W89741ALR2Capacity: 750 mLW:14.46 oz H: 12.219" D: 2.845"Thread Finish - Mid Punt- Narrow BodyGPI Spec 30-1680 - Size 60 Finish, Item: W99922Capacity: 375 mlW:14.3 oz H: 8.754" D: 2.706"GPI Spec 28A-3100"C" Dim 17.09mm, Item: w99914Capacity: 750 mlW:24.72 oz H: 11.5" D: 3.273"GPI Spec 34-3120"C" Dim 18.49, Item: w99915Capacity: 750 mlW:28.63 oz H: 11.5" D: 3.504 x 2.244"GPI Spec 34-3120"C" Dim 21.50, Item: w85001ALR1Capacity: 1.5 LW:26 oz H: 13" D: 4"Cork Finish - No Punt- Round ShoulderWide BodyGPI Spec 32-3110"C" Dim 21.49mm, Item: w88002ALCapacity: 1.5 LW:26.4 oz H: 13.26" D: 4.03"Thread Finish - No Punt- Tapered Shoulder - Wide BodyGPI Spec 30-1680 - Size 60 Finish, Item: W89905ALCapacity: 1.5 LW:23.73 oz H: 13" D: 4"Thread Finish - No Punt - Round ShoulderWide BodyGPI Spec 30-1680 Size 60 Finish. Your product is unique. The mold of the custom glass whiskey bottle is the mold provided by our company. Western Regional Sales Manager Whatever your bottling needs, no matter the industry, we are always available to help you discover packaging products that will meet your budget and timeline. Jimmy Owens Please contact us for more details., Christian Maute The customer just needs to tell us about their demands,  send us the glass bottle photo or its bottle sample, we can design and make out the bottle. Packaging should reflect that. Engrave a logo, message or a photo for that unique design. Your brand message should be communicated through your carton packaging as well as your glass bottle design. we’ll keep trailing the shipment standing once cargo and update the time of arrival to the client. Whether collaborating with your designer, or our design firm partner, flowdesign, we will work with you from start-to-finish to make sure your journey is a smooth and successful one. Meeting your specific needs to achieve your brand goals is our objective. United Bottles & Packaging can guide you through the whole process…from the concept right through to the realization. Hualian Glass Bottle manufacturers is a supplier, consultant and designer of glass bottles, glass jars, liquor bottles for your packaging needs. F : 212-922-2826 305 Madison Ave, Suite #1357 Learn more about all Oneida & Anchor Hocking products 6. At the time, no one knew that they were taking part in the birth of a brand that would last far beyond their lifetimes. In addition to crystal clear premium flint glass, Anchor Hocking offers premium flint glass options. Originally founded as London Bottle over 30 years ago, Liquor Bottle Packaging International continues to lead the market in innovation. Manager, Craft Spirits Whether you are looking for a traditional, classic bottle or one that is bold and daring, we can help you design the mould that will create your dream bottle. All rights reserved., Amy Linker Manager, Midwest Regional Sales The customer provided us with hand-drawn drawings for production in our factory. In the 1980’s, LBPI became instrumental in changing the glass packaging industry by bringing specialty ware to market with packages such as Bailey’s, Malibu, and Sheridan’s. 502-418-6996 If customers are satisfied with our cool liquor bottles template, they can directly choose our design template. Liquor Bottle Craft is a division of Liquor Bottle Packaging International that specializes in the craft liquor industry. New York, NY 10165 As true specialists in Custom Glass Bottle we work on all kinds of Glass Bottles design projects and we consider Custom Glass Bottles design one of … After communicating the details of bottle capacity, shape, a bottle cap and so on, we will summarize the design and requirements of the custom glass bottles production department for production. Global Headquarters Liquor Bottle Packaging International LLC. Stand out in a quickly evolving industry. Ruisheng, one of the biggest liquor bottle manufacturers in China, focus on spirit bottle wholesale since 2009. To ensure your new product stands out from its competitors, we can help guide you through the development of a custom bottle design or the decorating of an existing stock bottle from our vast stock bottle collection. A Complete Guide About Glass Liquor Bottle-From Glass Bottle Manufacturer, Glass Liquor Bottle: The Ultimate Buying Guide For Buyers, What You Need To Know About Liquor Bottle-The Blueprint Guide. You can also browse our. Of course, customers can also use their own design, put forward the requirements for custom glass bottles production, and then summarize the design and requirements to the glass bottle manufacturing department. Our customers are the lifeblood of our company., Liquor Bottle Packaging International LLC. We are looking for a bottle that would be used for a special event. This series of custom vodka bottle is produced in accordance with the requirements of a Russian company. If the customer needs to put their logo on the bottle, we also can decal, printing, or painting that on the bottles. 757-633-3092 cell/text Imperial Packaging is a full service packaging company that finds you the  packaging you need, when you need it, at a competitive price. As you break into new markets, reach new customers, and develop a new industry, you need tested and true Cannabis & CBD packaging solutions. Copyright © 2019 Ruisheng Glass Bottle Wholesale Co., Ltd. | Powered by, The market is full of all kinds of drinks: Brandy, Whiskey, Vodka, Vermouth, Cognac, Beer, Port Wine, Rum, Gin…To stand out from the crowd of ordinary bottles, Customized glass bottles make your brand characteristics at a glance: elegant, minimalist, luxurious, sophisticated, classic, and many others.

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