Beerus has a solid MFTL feat lol Traveled the distance of a nebula + unknown space in less than 2 minutes. Goku is unstoppable and Berrus and Whis is beyond unstoppable, This is like saying "the ocean takes up so much space, it's bigger than volume", or "the music is so loud, it's louder than decibels, or "Goku is so fast, he's faster that t---"....oh lol. That is why the comparison is made. When comic characters break the space time continuum or pre crisis superman does something stupid like break infinity people accept it , when a DBZ character does it, it's somehow is wank. What you said about dimensional travel was speculation. No. So goku can't be faster than time, the only other option is more him to be resistant to time stopping techniques? It's literally impossible. It takes light 1.3 seconds from Earth to hit the Moon, meaning Piccolo’s standard beam is roughly 1/3 the speed of light. You know what the speed of time is? He simply moved so fast he broke the time barrier. @buttersdaman000: i know, but if flash ran faster the 0 seconds, then what does that mean ? 0. 0. Same thing when Flash fought Zoom and the laws of physics were being shifted and broken they were moving so fast it seemed like time was stopped. He ran so fast time and death didn't affect him, but time went on normally for everyone else. • If anything with SSB+KK(X10) he moves fast enough to counter Hit ability. No cuz Goku is the best and no one can beat him :p, I'll see your wank and raise you one rock and one ray gun. Explain to me how you freeze time within time please. Agreed. Most likely. And i'm telling you, for the last time, instant still means there is a passage of time. He continued to move through the cage of time itself. If you don't, this is just another case of another circular argument with you. That ray gun being an omniversal level beam designed to specifically kill Omnipotents and that rock had infinite weight. The wank makes me eager for the day an astroid smashes into this Earth to put it out of its misery caused by all the wank. The animation for DB Super Anime has actually gotten better, the only real gripe I have is that Goku and Vegeta(as well as mostly everyone else) are slightly smaller than they were in z. How do you explain flash being faster than instant ? There is no reason for DBS to not have a good budget. Jiren is far faster than the speed of time itself. Don't know the animation/art style would be crappy, though. There was no mention of microseconds...the auther said INSTANT. I don't know about you but Irather prefer quality over nostalgia... Toriyama Sensei has gotten old and he is having a hard time drawing much anymore so he opts for simpler animation. If I had the will power I would blind myself with bleach just to guarantee I would never see this thread again. And to be fair, the animation in Z fluctuated as well, but seeing as how that was made damn near 30 years ago, it's at least understandable. @buttersdaman000: i know how small a mirco second is. if the end result is brown and smelly... well then I have some bad news for you... that aint chocolate. Topic: Goku Faster than Time!? Slower than Saitama :) (based on lightspeed flash). Kidding, but yeah I think Goku is really fast but I don't think he is that fast, I mean the gods and omniking (not sure for him) are faster than him. Believe it or not the standard of animation really has increased. @buttersdaman000: I'll concede to the aging, but teleportation is instant. Moderated by: SgtMartin, EpicRaptorMan. Flash's speed just exceeded it. @buttersdaman000: what about when flash and others comic book characters run so fast that time isn't a concept anymore ? and Toriyama Sensei being the professional he is went on to give the fans what they wanted... Sensei then went on writing this series for so long he can't even remember all of the characters or plot points and he continues on... You must be one huge fanboy if you're defending the garbage animation. @buttersdaman000: flash beat a teleporter in a race. - Page 2. @buttersdaman000: well now we know he's resistant, better than speculation. It's such a shame. Some days I wake up screaming from the nightmares I had witnessed in this thread. It's as if many of you users have never actually looked into how Dragonball Super is made, and why the show's animation and art fluctuate from episode to episode. It doesn't make any sense, but it's what was written. No one even cares about Screwattack, they are the most ridiculous when it comes to battles and it has been going on way before screwattack even came about. Still. Doesn't change the fact that the anime of DBS at it's best is leagues below the original. And when you travel, you move through space. Forum Posts . The only way Flash ran faster than "0 seconds" is if he somehow did it in a dimension with no space. Follow 288. There is no “speed of time”. With the amount of fanboys on this forum I don't know how to take this. Join Community. There was really no excuse for episode 5. @thedarkpaladin: Thanks for friend. you can't be faster than time, speed requires time. Toei has literally no excuse, Revival of F was one of the best selling animated movies in history, while DBZ being one of the most popular and profitable anime series ever. Are you saying a mirco second is smaller than 0 seconds? After all it was ridiculous, that we had better animation in Z than the one we were getting in S. This post gave me many terminal diseases. This is especially true with a series like Dragonball which in no way should lack funding.

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