To get accurate readings from an infrared thermometer, the emissivity of the body aimed at … National Collaborating Centre for Women’s and Children’s Health. Alaris® Tri-Site electronic thermometer (Alaris Medical Systems Inc, San Diego, California, USA). Hay AD, Peters TJ, Wilson A, Fahey T. The use of infrared thermometry for the detection of fever. Linear regression was used to determine the correlation between methods. According to UK Hospital Episode Statistics, the incidence of serious infections in children aged 0 to 5 years is 1445 per 100,000 children, the majority of which is due to pneumonia, septicaemia or urinary tract infection (5). Fever in children is also a common reason for calls to NHS Direct, a nurse-led telephone health helpline which can be accessed by callers from England and Wales. One study reported a weak correlation between temperatures measured using the ThermofocusÒ 01500, the BraunÔ Thermoscan IRT 3020 (an infrared tympanic thermometer), the Exergen TemporalScannerÔ TAT 2000C (a temporal artery thermometer) and the OmronÒ MC-600 (an electronic axillary thermometer) (r = 0.17, r2 = 0.029, p<0.0001) (16). Chiappini E, Sollai S, Longhi R, Liana Morandini L, Laghi A, Osio CE, et al. All except one of these studies (15) compared ThermofocusÒ NCITs with other thermometers. Electronic rectal thermometer (Welch Allen SureTempÒ, model 678). Infants and children, inpatients and ambulatory patients. There is currently no literature on the cost-effectiveness or economic impact of using NCITs to measure temperature in children. Temperature reading can be obtained within 1 second. The ThermofocusÒ thermometers (Tecnimed, Italy) have received FDA and CE approval for use in clinical settings. Thermometers in the ThermofocusÒ 01500 series can also be used to measure temperature over other areas of the body, including the neck, umbilicus and axilla. 2009;94:361-5. 2013;29:305-13. Ann Trop Pediatr. 2007;59:327-36. A green light will indicate that their temperature is within a normal range, and a flashing red light and an audible alarm will indicate that the person has a high … Omron® 20-second flexible digital thermometer Model # MC-206 Instructions. 2010;375:834-45. A large prospective cohort study of preschool children in South West England found that, of those who reported having a high temperature, the proportion of children who consulted a doctor ranged between 20% in children under 6 months of age and 39% in children aged 6 to 17 months (7). Thompson M, Harnden A, Perera R, Mayon-White R, Smith L, McLeod D, et al. Performance of non-contact infrared thermometer for detecting febrile children in hospital and ambulatory settings. [Epub ahead of print]. The strongest agreement between these four methods was observed in children aged 1 to 5 years (r = 0.65, r. = 0.37, p<0.0001). A recent systematic review demonstrated that a temperature of 40°C or more has value as a red flag for serious infection in populations where the prevalence of serious infection is low (10). Fortuna EL, Carney MM, Macy MM, Stanley RM, Younger JG, Bradin SA, et al. Importance:Fever is one of the commonest reasons for parents taking their child to see a doctor (5). a One paediatric emergency department, three paediatric clinics and one primary care centre.b Linear regression was used to determine the correlation between methods.c Temperature readings were obtained from 855 children using the Alaris® Tri-Site electronic thermometer and 706 children using the ThermofocusÒ 0800 thermometer.d Pearson correlation was used to determine the correlation between methods.e Wilcoxon signed-ranks test, NCIT reading was significantly lower than tympanic temperature.f Correlation between temperature measurements taken using all four types of thermometer. How accurate are NCITs compared to other thermometers for measuring temperature and detecting fever in children presenting with acute illness in primary care settings? J Infect. Fam Pract. Takes less than 1 second to obtain reading. Another colleague was denied entry to the office gates as the guard declared her temperature was 3 degrees over normal. CE marked. 1)Infrared tympanic thermometer (BraunÔ Thermoscan IRT 3020); 2)Temporal artery thermometer (Exergen TemporalScannerÔ TAT 2000C); 3)Electronic axillary thermometer (OmronÒ MC-600). 2010;375:834-45.11. [Epub ahead of print].18. CE marked.

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