Thread #5 As Dongbaek packs up Camellia, Yong-sik's investigation turns up something suspicious, and Jong-ryeol delivers an expensive package. Hell, there wasn't even a life preserver for her. And she was going to go back to him at the end of the month, which is a horrifying thought. and assures him that although she’s in need of money, Jong-ryeol’s credit card only made her think about Yong-shik’s feelings. Jung-sook doesn’t answer, but sighs that he couldn’t have inherited his smarts from his parents. The show left us to fret over her death based on the bracelet, the way Chief B tried to keep YS away from the corpse, and YS's reaction (which now seems a little out of place). One’s dying for attention, the other was never loved. }; Hyang-mi sits by her grandma’s hospital bed as she tells the person on the phone that she’s sent them at least 100 million won. When the Camellia Blooms. At 10:05PM, Dong-baek receives a call. Jung-sook grabs a fistful of hers before she succeeds. I picked up on the Ophelia vibe from the vacuous, ever-so-slightly-unfocused look in her eyes, and something in her speech that I can't put my finger on. And a third called Copenhagen. Regarding Hyang-mi’s desperation to get out of Korea, I’ve always had a sense that she has been facing a deadline, and suspected she might have a terminal illness. Is there something in the town or hierarchal relationships that meant that people didn't want to see, and the entire town was subject to the "invisible gorilla" problem? Dong-baek gets increasingly irritated as Jong-ryeol continues to take jabs at Yong-shik, including his financial status. I was stunned to learn that there really is a character living in Denmark with the entitled attitudes of a spoiled crown prince. Yong-sik eyes a suspect. }); I think it will turn out that the show was deliberately misleading us at that point through innuendo to make us worry that YS was going to finally win DB's heart, only to lose her in that cruel way. This pair of episodes was packed to the gunwales. @lindag latebloomer, Jessica joins the list of people who want to kill Hyang-mi. I recently picked up this drama since it's nearing its end. She commends him for picking the right side. Pil-gu tells Jung-sook that Yong-shik and Jong-ryeol (accidentally calling him “dad”) are here. When the Camellia Blooms: Episodes 33-34 by quirkycase. She urges Hyang-mi not to leave. Knowing he lying and using you to pay for his and his wife's bills! . Not that she was killed instead of Dongbaek. A street dancer juggling a dead-end job, family duties and a rocky love life realizes her moves are her ticket out of her working-class Durban township. She’s about to board her bus when the sight of several men in hiking gear gives her pause. When The Camellia Blooms has certainly been a big surprise for me, offering up plenty of tear-jerking moments, shocking revelations and laugh out loud scenes. At the lake, Kyu-tae shows up in a paddleboat and hurriedly pedals them away to avoid being seen. It's no wonder she hit on whomever she could to get more money. After years on the run, teenage Ginny and her mother, Georgia, yearn to settle down. A kid who’s the oasis of the family.” Dong-baek urges Hyang-mi to eat, and Hyang-mi finishes up her list. Further truths about Jeong-suk -- who's nowhere to be seen -- surface. If HS is supposed to love cats, then the one putting poison into the cat food might be his dad. . Despite being stolen from, Dong Baek doesn’t even ask Hyang Mi about the missing money, and talks to her as if nothing’s happened. Outside, Hyang-mi tells Nak-ho to leave them alone – she’ll be returning by the end of the month, after all. I had forgotten that part to add into the mix. i love love love the show. But if the body was dredged up from the lake, then it would more likely have been HM. The chief, who’d been civil up until now, pushes him out the door and gruffly tells him to get lost. 11 hours and 45 minutes left on the clock. They were dealt the worst hand possible, so why bother trying so hard to live? Also Hyang-mi herself must think that her life is meaningless, having been abandoned by even her brother.

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