Unaccompanied minors (under age 18) visiting a parent must present a copy of their birth certificate. Windows must be rolled up/closed, and all equipment must be secured in or on your vehicle (such as ladders, tool boxes). Visitors with any kind of orthopedic hardware need to present a card, from the attending physician, documenting the hardware, in order to be granted a contact visit. All visitors must have acceptable identification. Anyone who is not visiting shall be required to exit the facility grounds. D-500 East and State Inmate with no open charges. Staff will not make change. -up to three clear plastic bottles of pre-mixed formula/white milk per infant. Visitors are responsible for providing their own medication(s). Registration Starts 3:00pm -No bobby pins, safety pins, decorative pins, hair accessories and/or jewelry items that do not successfully clear the metal detector -No pajamas worn as outer garments All ICE North PODS are scheduled for Morning visits Visitors are expected to dress appropriately and avoid clothing styles that are revealing or provocative. -any victim of the inmate ----------------- There is a maximum of four (4) visitors per booth, including children, and the door must remain closed. Non-Contact A 5East/West D 5 A visitor who falsifies identifying information will be suspended/barred from the facility for a period of time determined by the facility manager/designee. At most Jails, if you drive a personal vehicle to the Jail, you must register the vehicle information with the visiting room officer: year, make, model and license plate number. A-Pod 8am-10:30am Any alcohol, drugs and/or weapons found in the vehicle or on your person can result in the visit being denied and/or the State Police being called to the Jail. Visits shall be no less than one hour in duration and shall occur during regularly scheduled visiting hours. Inmates in administrative custody or disciplinary custody have different visiting rules. Registration Starts 9:15am -No clothing with rips, tears or revealing holes that are in areas of the body that may reveal breasts, nipples, buttocks, genital area. NOTE: The COUNTY reserves the right to add to this listing. Until then, it’s critical you do not download Microsoft’s latest update. -Any kind of device, whether worn or hand held, that has the capability of audio and/or video/photography recording and/or cell phone capabilities is NOT permitted. How to quickly locate your transferred inmate? Medical D-Pod 10:30am-12noon Inmates are informed of changes that may occur in visiting regulations. Windows must be rolled up/closed, and all equipment must be secured in or on your vehicle (such as ladders, tool boxes). Conduct in the visiting room: So arriving early ensures the best visiting experience. Money only may be added to an inmate’s account commissary/trust account. Even without the availability of contact visits, contraband can be placed in an area often visited by inmates or employees. Children and/or animals may not be left unattended in the vehicle. B-300 East/West Unused visits per week may not be carried over into the following week. At most facilities, lockers are available for use (some may require a deposit ranging from .25 to $10). One of these forms of ID: 10:00am-12:00 noon, D 5 East For Jails that allow money in visiting rooms, nothing larger than coins, $1 bills and $5 bills are permitted, with a total limit of $20 to $50. -Keys We cannot tell you if you are on the list. Photo copies of any ID will NOT be accepted. -No shorts or miniskirts shorter than 4 inches above the middle of the kneecap -Alien Registration Receipt Card with photograph (INS Form I-151 or I-551). With the reduction of inmate movements, the threat of a safety and security breach will be drastically reduced so that staff can be reassigned to other duties. Finding an Inmate Visitors may not wear any garment which unduly exposes the shoulders, chest, back, stomach, midriff or underarm. ----------------- *MV Photo ID Registration starts 10:30am If you schedule a visit and dont show up or show up late, you will not be allowed to visit the rest of that week, including Saturday. B-100 East/West The COUNTY cannot force an inmate to conduct a visit if he/she does not wish to do so. County/ICE Facilities may use dogs to conduct passive drug screenings or special devices to detect illegal drugs. Persons caught introducing contraband into the visiting room will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and will be permanently banned from visiting ALL Jails. They must be properly secured in your vehicle prior to entering the facility. All visits ENDS at 12:00 Noon ----------------- *Passport Registration Starts 10 am Some facilities have a photo machine/booth that accepts dollars and coins (no gold dollars). 3. F2 North/South Visit) -Audio recorders The removing or removal of the face veil or other article of clothing will be done in a location that affords the visitor privacy so as to not be seen by male individuals. This facility may also have a video visitation option, please call 201-395-5600 for more information and updates to the current rules and regulations. -Medications Where can I get a visitation application for Hudson County NJ Correctional Facility (ICE)? No other carrying container of any kind will be allowed. Registration Starts 8am B-300 East/West -Certificate of Naturalization (INS Form N-550 or N-570). C-Pod 9:30am-12Noon Illegal drugs and/or paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons, cameras and tape/video/digital recorders are not permitted on Jail grounds at any time. Adults must have one of the following proper forms of identification: Only visitors may use/operate vending machines. Children ages five and younger may be held by the inmate on his/her lap. -Voter’s registration card. In order to ensure a visit, visitors MUST arrive at least one hour prior to visiting room closure time. In all of Hudson County, this is the only county jail serving the entire county. County/ICE East 3:00 pm-7:00pm Money never may be given to an inmate. -Cell phones There will be no sitting on laps, except for small children (see the section on minor visitors for details about inmates holding children on their laps). Visitors and inmates are not permitted to sit on tables or to straddle seating or benches. Non-Contact 5:50pm-6:50pm At no time shall visitors try to give inmates gifts or items (other than vending machine items). To ensure for positive identification of the visitor, the following procedures will be followed for processing a visitor wearing a face veil or other article of clothing that obstructs the view of an individual’s face when entering/exiting a facility: Registration Ends 9:15 am If a minor becomes disruptive and is not controlled by verbal instruction from the supervising parent, the visit will be terminated. As is mostly the case at Jails that have photo tickets and food vending cards -- Photo tickets and food vending cards MUST be purchased in the lobby area BEFORE the visit. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. A-100 West Inmates are allowed no more than one (1) visit per day.

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