I want to create a facebook page with the name as of my website, like xyz for xyz.com. I don’t yet have the option for this tab in my page settings. they definitely wanna join the FB group. Periods (“.”) and capitalization don’t count as a part of a username. If not, Can I start a new FB page using the same name and same URL ? I would say yes to trying a different computer, browser, or internet connection. I’m not familiar with this issue, but I appreciate your bringing it up. Like our every new blog post or new service we share it on every social network, also do the same thing with this new Facebook group. Thanks a lot i’m able to change my url. You won’t lose followers. “You have already changed your web address, click here for more information.”. Keep in mind that you must be an admin to create or change the username for a Page. Hi Iana, Facebook seems to keep a tight lid on the one-change limit. Other than that, it may just take some time for Google to crawl the page again and update its records. I appreciate you taking the time to critique. It may take time to appear in search. I don’t like how it’s it’s clean and simple anymore. So here I divide the fully growing process into two parts: Explore each one by one and do things in practical, grab tricks that you love most and apply them to your group, Now without taking too much time to let’s start to grow Facebook group. Convoluted, I know, but it would make things more consistent! How to Create Social Media Content that Grows Your Blog, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Tools in 2020, https://www.facebook.com/homeinspectionsandiego/, https://facebook.com/shopgraceandgratitude. There might be a possibility of turning your profile into a business page, or merging the two. HOWEVER another reader said she was able to get FB on chat by doing this: Go to the facebook business support (facebook.com/business/help). I setup the custom url for thr group om my profile page not the group page. Let’s click on Go Live and share your creativity, life moments and whatever you want. He was wondering if he had been bugged or if there is some problems with his Facebook account. Before starting this post, let’s see mine growing FB group which has near 40k+ members. It’s all here! It mentions Instagram, but the tips are universal to all profile images – which should match everywhere your business appears online! When you get there click on “get assistance”. im now realizing that was a bad idea.. because its too confusing. In short i no longer require the profile url and instead want my business page to have the url of my profile . that anyone trying to enter the page at the main level won’t be able to? This is the way, where you don’t need to do anything to increase group engagement. Go to your old FB group and from menu select More >> Link Exiting Group. You can try contacting them using this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/164405897002583. Create a post about FB Groups and mention it, 5. To create a page–> https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/, oh sorry – I think I sent you the wrong link. Thanks in advance!! Hi Don, Not sure what you’re experiencing. Now you’ve got live videos to work and provide huge attraction. Write comments on Facebook or Facebook group relevant posts, insert your Facebook group URL into the website section or comment section. Hi, great article! Glad it was helpful. Yes. It’s working for me. Just like your last two posters, I have my first page with vanity no problem. I’m not sure yet – I’ve only had them linked for a few days. my FB: FaceBook.com/Logic.Make/ my PAGE: FaceBook.com/PerfectHD.Photos/ i need URL change PerfectHD.Photos help me … My country: Mongolia. Will they take longer than month to approve? I wish there was a definitive answer, but there’s not. Now I’m going to have to delete the page and then put it back up. One should change username (if it already wasn’t changed) and other should use that username after first one change it. I have also tried deactivating my account and then searching for the page and it says page not found. 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After reordering the tabs as needed, a message appears stating ‘Tab ordering updated!’ 9. Select edit group settings. Sorry to say that how IG handles released names varies. It seems that this might ripple out, and I want to understand how before I do this. I’ve never seen an explanation for this! But I’m hoping it’s just your cache! Add your Facebook group link or joining request on the menu. Yes Ads, on the site of your FB group inside posts! Perhaps it only works with US ISPs? But when I go to update the user for my current page its still saying the username is taken. A Facebook Group is a Group on Facebook where Facebook users can join the group, post in the group, do like or comment on a post and start a conversation with other Facebook members. At the very least, follow up the video link with a text explanation. Unfortunately, FB does not forward changed URLs. There is nothing about a username anywhere… I’ve even done a search for it. I would like to get rid of it. Why is my Page not eligible to have a username? Start over with a new Page if you can commit to NO spam! Do you just mean that the old url won’t forward to the new one? It will tell you if the new Username is available or not. A quick search only brought up results for finding links to your own verified website. Hi.. my username is not shown with the cover of my page. HI Do you know if it is possible to unlink business facebook page from instagram through facebook? This isn’t a business page, it’s a personal profile. "@type": "Question", This is an image of my Facebook home page. Hi, Louise I have a problem when I need to change page Facebook URL it always not allow me to change that and shown message as below “You’re not eligible to set a web address for this Page right now because you’ve recently added or changed the Facebook web addresses for your Pages too many times.” I created new page and never change URL why I cannot changed. This is written for business pages, personal profiles may be different. Inactivity could prevent you from making this URL change. And for bloggers, the Facebook group is a great source to drive traffic to the blog. I have already change my page name. If you do, please let me know! Growing of a Facebook Group is not just increase the Facebook group members, even you need to keep engage yourself with other group members. 🙂. Share useful and fruitful info with your members. Thanks. It is the best way to drive old audience in a new Facebook group. There’s a possibility of creating a new page and merging the two pages. Does it have to do with the amount of Likes I need? You can easily create an Ad using graphic design tools and add this graphic to posts via your Ads plugin. Any ideas? How to change a location area on a Facebook page. When you buy a tool or material through one of our Amazon links, we earn a small commission as an Amazon Associate. Hey Jimmy, If someone took your business name, you should contact Facebook. Try to find someone who specializes in this; if they can help you, there may be a fee. Find ’em all! I deliberated for quite some time before deciding it was a necessity for me. Take a look >>> youtu.be/ucoMriPBzeM. facebook has posted a WRONG NAME as my username. How would you do it? I’m trying to shorten https://www.facebook.com/Xerpro-570641003122275/?fref=ts to /Xerpro only. I don’t know of any way to do this. So if you want to hold a Facebook Page URL for later, post on the Page – or Facebook may release your username for someone else to snatch up. what i do now?? After reading your post, I decided to change my FB username back to the original name and then the Page ID was valid again.

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