To determine which it actually is, the semiconductor is immersed in the magnetic field transverse to the direction of flow of current. Das Plättchen hat die Breite b = 1,2cm und die Dicke d = 1,0mm. The effect was discovered by E.H. Hall in 1879. 4 There is also a fractional quantum Hall effect. In this lab we will only be concerned with the Hall coefficient. from Hall Effect measurements, which are a basic tool for the determination of mobilities. ist der Hall-Effekt deutlich stärker ausgeprägt. Bei einer magnetischen Flussdichte von 106 mT und einer Stromstärke von 30mA misst man eine Hallspannung von – 20,6 mV. 1b). Constant magnetic field and temperature and varying control current. A current can be thought of as a negative charge moving in one direction (Fig. The Hall Effect 1 Background In this experiment, the Hall Effect will be used to study some of the physics of charge transport in metal and semiconductor samples. 4, with a magnetic field H in the z direction perpendicular to contacts 1, 2 and 3, 4. 1a) or as a positive charge moving in the opposite direction (Fig. famous Quantum Hall Effect4. It is related to the Hall eld by: V H = Z w 0 E ydy= E yw (11) 2. experiment. a) Bestimmen Sie die Hallkonstante R H von Germanium und begründen sie, dass Elektronen den Ladungstransport bewerkstelligen. Consider a simple crystal mounted as in the Fig. The fundamental quantum of Hall resistance is h/e2 =25,813Ω. EXPERIMENT 20 The Hall Effect Note: Please read the Radiation Safety Regulations at the back of this book Objectives of the Experiment The behaviour of the Hall voltage in a sample of doped germanium is studied in three different set-ups as follows: 1. 2. The Hall Effect experiment determines the sign of the charge carriers in current flow. From equations (5), (7) and (8), we obtain: E y= eB˝ m E x (12) A convenient experimental quantity is the Hall coe cient, R H de ned as: R H = E y J xB = eB˝E x m m ne2˝E xB = 1 ne (13) The Hall coe cient is positive if the charge carriers are positive and negative if the charge carriers are negative.

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