Even so, fewer than 50 paintings may be attributed to him with any confidence, although numerous studio versions and variants exist to confuse the issue, as do copies of lost originals. He painted mostly religious chiaroscuro scenes lit by candlelight. JPY (¥) The Botanical Album of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues. A Girl Blowing on a Brazier (detail; 1646–48), Georges de La Tour. c. 1620-1630. c.1615. Though little is known of Georges de la Tour’s personal life, his fame was widespread because of his ability to paint atmospheric light and moving spiritual scenes. While his early works were painted in a Mannerist style, de la Tour would later fall heavily under the influence of Caravaggio and his use of chiaroscuro. Looking for design inspiration? JPY (¥) All georges de la tour paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Encyclopedic Dictionary. Today it seems inconceivable that this most compelling and singular of artists, highly successful in his day, should have been almost entirely forgotten for three centuries, and only rescued from oblivion by the German art historian Hermann Voss in 1915. Georges De La Tour and His World by Philip Conisbee (Editor), Georges Du Mesnil d La Tour. Georges de La Tour was born on March 13, 1593 in the town of Vic-upon-Seille, in Lorraine. The Bischoff Collection is a coup for Lempertz, a consignment won against international competition, and further proof of the growing confidence placed in regional auctioneers in the Covid and internet age. Alongside 22 other paintings from the Bischoff collection, it is the highlight of the auction house’s 175th anniversary celebrations. Here, as elsewhere, no background detail is deemed necessary. Read Note. Hailed by Lempertz as ‘sensational’ and of ‘unparalleled importance in Germany’, the collection also contains an autograph work by another idiosyncratic and provincial artist, the Netherlandish Marinus van Reymerswale (1490/95–1546/56). Georges de La Tour. Zolotov. View Georges de La Tour Complete Biography, Jacques Joseph Tissot (a.k.a. At the peak of his career, he painted dramatically candlelit interior scenes; later on, de la … ‘That hyena in petticoats’: how artists have portrayed Mary Wollstonecraft. 1 - 72 of 113 georges de la tour art prints for sale. c.1620-1640. Those autograph works that did find their way on to the market were snapped up by museums eager to represent an Old Master whose sensibility chimed so well with contemporary taste. As the reputation of the artist grew in parallel with a proliferation of publications and exhibitions, more and more works gradually resurfaced. c.1615-1620. EUR (€) Lempertz, Cologne (estimate €3m–€4m). USD ($), Copyright © 2020 FineArtAmerica.com - All Rights Reserved, The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame Art Print, The Appearance of the Angel to Saint Joseph Art Print, The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds Art Print, The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs Art Print, The Cheat With The Ace Of Diamonds, Detail Depicting The Male Card Player With The Feathered Hat Art Print, St Joseph as the carpenter with child Jesus Art Print, Georges De La Tour French, 1593 - 1652 Art Print, La Tour, Georges De 1593-1652. The ‘Masterpieces from the Bischoff Collection’ sale takes place at Lempertz, Cologne, on 8 December. Oil on canvas. Although most of the other works on offer are by Old Masters, the sale ends on another high point with the rhapsodic and fluent Mädchenkopf im Kissen by Lovis Corinth (1858–1925), expected to fetch €30,000–€50,000. Yale Univ Pr, 1996. 1958. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All georges de la tour artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Georges de La Tour was a French painter of the Baroque period known for his meditative candlelit scenes. Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, Germany. Oil on canvas. 1633, Salome receives the Head of John the Baptist , 1609-1610. Iskusstvo. Oil on canvas. The canvas is one of the last works by the artist remaining in private hands, and the last of the nocturnes. With its extreme contrasts of candlelight and shadow, the pure geometry of its forms, and meditative mood, this painting exemplifies La Tour’s work at its most accomplished and characteristic. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals, discount codes, and more. These are believed to date from relatively early in his career. c.1615. All Sybille’s parents and siblings were bakers. Crop your artwork: Scan your QR code: Gratefully built with ACNLPatternTool. Choose your favorite georges de la tour paintings from millions of available designs. A Girl Blowing on a Brazier turned up in Toulouse in around 1940, indistinctly signed on the upper right with ‘a Tour’, and it is a key example of La Tour’s late work, although opinions vary as to its precise date in the 1640s. Lempertz, Cologne (estimate €3m–€4m). Jean and Sybille had 7 children, Georges was the second one, the children grew in the wealthy surroundings of well-to-do artisans. Musée Toulouse-Lautrec, Albi, France. Required fields are marked *, A proposal to sell off ‘non-medical’ books in the institution’s library takes too narrow a view of the history of medicine, Museums face difficult financial choices, but there has to be a better way forward than the pitting of staff against permanent collections, The Syrian-born, US-based artist talks to Gabrielle Schwarz about his sculptural dioramas of cities ravaged by war – and offers a message of hope for the future, A surge in Covid-19 cases has led to the closure of museums in multiple states across the US. 1 - 72 of 94 georges de la tour paintings for sale, The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame Painting, The Appearance of the Angel to Saint Joseph Painting, The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds Painting, The Cheat With The Ace Of Diamonds, Detail Depicting The Male Card Player With The Feathered Hat Painting, St Joseph as the carpenter with child Jesus Painting, Georges De La Tour French, 1593 - 1652 Painting, The Cheat With The Ace Of Clubsc 1630 Painting, The Magdalen With The Smoking Flame.jpeg Painting, Gerard van Honthorst -copy after- Georges de La Tour -rejected attribution-, LA TOUR, GEORGES DE Vic-sur-Seille, 1593 - Luneville, 1652 The Blind Hurdy-Gurdy Player 1620 - 1630 Painting, The Penitent Magdalen, Georges de La Tour Painting, Georges de La Tour - The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame Painting. Oil on canvas. Georges de La Tour. Jean’s father was a mason, but he, however, had chosen the profession of his wife’s relatives. Choose your favorite georges de la tour designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Painting of Europe. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The art of Georges de La Tour (1593–1652) is one of the great rediscoveries of the 20th century. 1979. c.1615-1620. c. 1622-25. 1999. Ishizuka Tokyo Collection, Tokyo, Japan. His baptism document indicates that he was the son of Jean de La Tour, baker, and Sybille de La Tour, née Molian (or Malian). Perhaps it is no coincidence that his paintings possess qualities akin to those of Vermeer and Piero della Francesca – two other modern rediscoveries widely revered in our age. While he tended to favour genre and religious night-time scenes, in which the protagonists are dramatically illuminated by candlelight or firelight, the mood of his paintings is quite different from that of his baroque peers.

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