Is the gate located at the end of a long driveway, a mile away from the other side of the community? One of the major advantages of gated community security systems is their ability to monitor the neighborhood day and night, twenty-four hours a day. A gate intercom with remote management capabilities lets property managers: Before selecting a gate intercom system, consider how many people it needs to serve. When your property management company or home owners association needs efficient, cost-effective, high-tech security solutions for your gated community, Security Technology of South Texas is the answer. Automated Gate Controls – Want to make entry as easy as possible for community members in good standing? Our unique approach to the market with the hosted services allows our commercial customers to get the latest in technology for their security needs without the high cost of local, server-based equipment, thereby making our offering a fraction of what they would pay for a “traditional” security company. The easy-to-use interface enhances existing guest registry and entry systems within a secured neighborhood. A service of this kind can be thought of as digital security guards. On top of that, your residents crave the security and convenience of a gate intercom with video. We recommend choosing a gate intercom that only requires three connections: 96% of Americans own a cellphone — which is a strong indicator that it’s time to ditch your gate intercom with in-unit hardware and replace it with a system that residents can use with their cellphones. By installing a video intercom, you’re implementing a solution to accommodate your residents’ visitors, which range from friends and family to dog walkers and food delivery drivers. These are just some of the vulnerabilities that gated communities must address in order to improve the safety and security of the neighborhood. A wireless gate intercom is ideal for gated communities and parking structures because you don’t have to lay wiring to cover the long distances between the gate and each condo, house, or apartment. Gone are the days when you have to install intercom hardware in every unit on your property. As mentioned above, a wall and gate can only do so much to prevent unwanted individuals from trespassing. Easy to use software that includes video analytics can also be used to track visitors and vehicle traffic throughout the day. If there is an incident in the community, local law enforcement can be quickly notified and kept aware of the ongoing situation. Unlike physical security guards, the remote video monitoring service can monitor every corner of the neighborhood twenty-four hours a day. With new functions and capabilities, the challenges of the past have been addressed. Call us at 210-446-4863 (toll free 855-688-2718) or complete the form below. A gated neighborhood can make a tempting target for burglars and intruders. Whether you are configuring your system to work over the Internet, or if you are setting the DVR up for remote viewing over your mobile devices, we are here to help. Based in Los Angeles, I enjoy learning and writing about the real estate industry, and exploring how proptech can help people live and work better. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one? Walls can be climbed, gates can be opened, and security guards are limited in their abilities to monitor the entire neighborhood. No matter the type of property you own or manage, you need a solution to manage access. SafePassage tracks and maintains visitor information and enhances communications between security staff and residents.. Nighttime security is just as important (if not more so) as daytime monitoring. When a visitor uses your gate intercom, do you want the system to call the specified tenant directly? Techpro Security Products is a major manufacturer and distributor of CCTV Security surveillance and Access Control Equipment. Along with reduced response times by security personnel and local law enforcement gated community security systems can also drastically reduce false alarms. The more wiring you have to lay and the further those wires have to extend, the more the system will cost to install. SafePassage is visitor access control software for gated communities. 1 | Support: (571) 480-6579 ext. A comprehensive surveillance system will produce far less false alarms and improving the security response from the gated community. Some security cameras are even able to zoom in on a particular scene while retaining most of its video quality. Video gate intercoms offer benefits including: If an intercom is cloud-based, that means you can manage the system remotely — from the internet on a mobile device or laptop — instead of going onsite or downloading software. Communities Have Unique Needs for an Automatic Gate System. We are partnered with FrontSteps best-in-case HOA security management software. While you’ll save money by choosing a wireless gate intercom system that doesn’t require wiring to in-unit hardware, you’ll avoid frustration by choosing one with a wired internet connection. This total community management system features Dwelling Live visitor management technology for total entry control. The old keypad/gate opener entry just was not providing the control we needed. Modern security cameras have a much easier time monitoring open properties at night. Sales: (571) 480-6579 ext. IP-based intercoms are built to accommodate the data load of video transfer. As it gets darker, the security cameras will switch automatically to black and white mode making them easy to use day or night. We recommend choosing a smart video gate intercom that lets residents operate the intercom with a mobile app on their smartphones. Enhanced services include cloud-based video monitoring, live central station video monitoring and response, and cloud-based card access control systems. If you want guests to speak with residents directly, choose a multi-tenant intercom. Our surveillance cameras keep recording 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. New advancements in security cameras now allow for convenient functionality that your residents can enjoy. A criminal can easily get inside the neighborhood and stake out potential targets. Security personnel on or off-site can verify drivers licenses all through security cameras placed at entrances. Remote video monitoring services are becoming increasingly popular with gated communities that employ security systems. The best solution for gated property access is a gate intercom system. The customer easily retrieved the high quality overview video of the event along with the license plate information, and within a couple of hours a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) search was performed by the Sherriff’s department, and the intruder was apprehended shortly thereafter.

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