Prices found within past 7 days. Smooth flight." Done." Why would you charge less for longer flights? They will probably rethink that. ", Cons: "Every time they delay in flight this is happened 20 days before on same flight", Cons: "Hidden Fees, thankfully we could afford the extra $20/seat. Cons: "The cold temperature when I arrived home", Pros: "On time. One cancellation, 4 delayed, 3 late arrivals. Cons: "The typical complaint you would hear regarding airplane food. Cons: "More non dairy food obtions", Cons: "I could not check in and pay for my second bag at the kiosk. ", Pros: "$60 bag checking $55 for carry on $21 for seat selection" ", Cons: "Pretzel mix was lacking in quantity and taste. while the pilot apologized repeatedly it was still ridiculous to have to wait that long for the plane to be refueled when it should have been done before boarding. The United States has restricted the entry of all foreign nationals who have passed through or have been in China, Iran, Most European Countries, UK, Ireland and Brazil in the past 14 days. This flight was flawless!! ", Pros: "flight was late" Cause it didn't happen" Search 400 airlines and 321,000 hotels worldwide. Crew was very friendly." Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "When my initial flight was delayed significantly, the gate agents went above and beyond to help me get on an earlier flight so I didn't get home too late. Remember when air travel was fun and exciting!" If you would like to have a particularly relaxing travel experience, purchase an access pass to the airport’s private lounge. Halfway through the flight, my left thigh was throbbing from the pressure. This was a great flight from Phoenix to Colorado. Colorado Springs Airport is located approximately 40 miles from Pikes Peak, one of the region’s most popular hiking areas. ", Cons: "The same 2 screaming babies entire flights. Cons: "Leg room has vanished", Pros: "Flying through the night freed me up the next morning. Entertainment screen not as good as SAS", Pros: "Attendents were very nice." We almost missed our connection to Zurich. Cons: "Nothing. The domestic crews are generally brusque and miserable. Cons: "No complaints. I am heartbroken we missed the party . Cons: "2 flights were cancelled & The customer service was horriible and My wife and I didn't receive the 200$ voucher for next flight we were promised, just all around pissed", Cons: "Crew not that friendly. Friendly crew." ", Pros: "Safe landing, that’s all that matters." ", Pros: "It didn't take long for anything. My shoulder was in the aisle way. Cons: "When I checked in the only seats together we the very back next to the toilet. ", Cons: "Terrible horrible late crowded for locked in bathroom by crew! ", Cons: "Boarding was 15-20 minutes late, no one at the counter. Cons: "Delay boarding, wait for a seat ticket, and gate to next terminal", Cons: "I have alloted enough time for my next flight. ", Cons: "It was great fir a short flight. ", Pros: "Everything was timely, courteous & pleasant. Im expecting your respond", Pros: "Curtesy of staff" Entertainment is usually the saving grace for budget int'l flights, whose food, service, and comfort can be expected to suck. ", Pros: "Mobile entertainment was great and the crew was lovely." ", Pros: "Arrives earlier than scheduled, no wait time on runway taking off or getting to gate after landing. Pikes Perk Coffee is a small cafe that serves pastries, while Bristol Taproom is a sit-down restaurant with an American-style menu that has a full-service bar. ", Pros: "I haven't flown AA in a while, I was impressed with the entertainment and food!!! We arrived in San Francisco 25 min early" Cons: "Everything else but the actual on air time itself was awful. Fly from the United States on Frontier, American Airlines, United Airlines and more. You could then fly to Colorado Springs with an airline and back with another airline. Cons: "I am handicap and was not given a upgrade", Pros: "The entertainment was free on our flight and that was very nice. Cons: "The lack of space on such a long flight was painful, and there wasn't much opportunity to stretch my legs. God help us all, but before he does I'm flying United. Watch a lot of movies iv been wanting to watch. Had to pay to stay in hotel and book flight on United the next day. ", Cons: "We were already very delayed, the flight crew was not nice", Cons: "original, non-stop flight was delayed by 6 hours; was able to get rebooked to another flight but was still 2 hours delayed and my bag arrived another 2 hours after me, ending in a 4 hour delay over all. It was nice to see the Captain smile and say goodbye to ALL the passengers. My luggage arrived damaged. ", Pros: "The flight crew were really polite and helpful. ", Pros: "I like the comfortable chairs and screen touch screen in the seat in front of me", Cons: "That fact that on both ways they changed our flights which either we got to the destination late or we had to run across the airport so we don't miss our flights", Pros: "American airline flight to Paris was great", Pros: "The crew was nice and we had no issues during the flight. How is it reasonable or fair to reward people for being late and make people who have been dutifully and calmly waiting in line FOR AN HOUR standing with heavy bags wait even longer? Cons: "Paid for seats, never got them, ended up in a cramped flight with no room (I'm only 5'5", so heaven forbid average height people try to sit here. Sign in to see exclusive Member Discounts. I will NOT use Frontier again. If so, make sure to explore Colorado Springs Airport’s permanent art exhibit that is located in the main terminal’s atrium. ", Pros: "Just ok" Confirm policies on booking site. It should have been DFW to JFK to Glasgow. Cons: "Baggage fees. These vending machines sell local newspapers, as well as larger state publications. I was told I could go spend the money to replace my luggage and bring them back the receipt, and then leave them the broken luggage cause and I quote "you can't have it all".

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