... We list over 80 apple varieties, over 40 types of plum trees and damson trees, 25 pear varieties, more than 15 cider and perry varieties, more than 10 crab-apple varieties and over 30 flowering cherry varieties. Ripens mid season & is available in Dwarf size (12'-15'). European plum variety. They come from all over Europe, from cultures that have been valuing their unique flavors for centuries. Smaller, semi-dwarf trees are easier to harvest and maintain. These plums are excellent in jam, sauce, dried as prunes, or fresh off the tree! Our collection of plum trees for sale online offers both European and Japanese plum varieties. Gage trees prefer slightly warmer growing conditions than other European plums to bring out their full flavour, and their natural home is France - but they can be grown in any temperate climate. Filters. Below is a list of our European plum variety offerings. Soft & sweet fruit. Gage trees look similar to plum trees but the fruits are smaller and rounder than European plums, and either green or golden/yellow in colour. European plums come in all kinds of colors and flavors to choose from! The European Plum (Prunus domestica) is commonly grown in Britain and Europe. These plums can be canned, but it is most enjoyed for its freshness. European Plum Trees We offer over 40 of the best European plums. Although this closely resembles the Mount Royal plum it is not, it is believed to be one of its offspring. We have over 25,000 bare root trees in stock! It has a very sweet and aromatic flesh that has a beautiful blue peel. Types of Plum Trees. Large, oval sized fruit with bright yellow colored skin & yellow flesh. Our Bare Root Plum Trees. So when you decide to plant and buy plum trees online, we will be there to help you on your adventure. European varieties are easy to grow, self pollinated, good for higher elevations and cold micro–climates, and well suited to processing. Home European Plum Trees. They are listed alphabetically for quick and easy reference. Compatible cultivars are offered if cross pollination is needed. Is partially self-fertile but plant with another European variety for best crop. We have over 150 varieties of bare root trees to choose from! There are two main types of Plum Trees grown in America. From green to yellow to purple to red, there are so many possibilities. Is a zone 3b, self-pollinating European plum. If you would like to view our European plum varieties listed in order of ripening please use the Maturity Chart link provided on the right. This is one of the hardiest European plum varieties. Fruit trees for sale to Western Europe. While European plums are usually elongated purple/blue and great for cooking and canning, Japanese plums are usually round red and mostly eaten fresh. Use fresh, canned, or dried into prunes. European Varieties. However, it is a little particular about where it grows and doesn’t grow well in areas that are too warm or too cold for it.

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