A searchable list of all event cheat codes from Europa Universalis, including those from DLCs. Is there a reason to vassalize instead of outright conquering? Even if they're fairly tiny, during a war they'll keep your realm clear of rebels while your doomstacks are abroad. Vassals are awesome. The panelists will answer these questions based on the findings of PLATO, a large research project on EU crisis and legitimacy, and discuss the issue of legitimacy and solidarity. The ruler of $FROMCOUNTRY$ has sent you a painting, depicting a young girl in his court. For all her human flaws she is still your wife. But Americans are increasingly wondering if the endlessly-trumped “consent of the governed” has become … Gain country modifier "Iconoclasm" forever: Umbria (3129) is cedeed and cored too if was owned by root country, The country with the same name as the current dynasty does not exist, Any owned province gets 10 years of nationalist, Country changes to the one with the same name as the current dynasty, Any neighbour province or any province with the same owner is, Province isn't Roma (118) or Byzantium (151), Multiplied by 50% if any neighbour province is, Province is in Anatolia, Balkans or Italy, Any country in Asia and all the provinces they own change to, Any country in Africa outside Tripolitania, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and all the provinces they own change to, Multiplied by 60% if any neighbour province is, Multiplied by 1% if any neighbour province is, Capital is in Africa and has different culture, Culture group is not Bantu, West African, Sahelian or Mandé, Is a colonial or a former colonial nation, Is not a subject, has liberty desire above 25 OR is 1800, Capital is in North America, South America or Oceania, Primary culture changes to a new one, determined by colonizer's culture group and in which colonial region is the capital, Province is in North America, South America or Oceania but NOT in Greenland, Owner's capital is outside the above regions, Owner's culture is the same as province's, If owner is Frankish, Saxon, Franconian, Hessian or Francien, province become Francien, If owner is Basque, province become Gascon, If owner is Anglo-Saxon, Hannoverian, Scandinavian or Normand, province become Normand, If owner is Pommeranian, Prussian, Gothic or Aquitainian, province become Aquitainian, If owner is Burgundione, Vandal, Gepid or Burgundian, province become Burgundian, If owner is Langobardi, Austrian, Quadian or Occitain, province become Occitain, If owner is Dutch, Flemish or Wallonian, province become Wallonian, If owner is Bavarian, Swabian, Swiss or Arpitan, province become Arpitan, Province owner has at least 81 diplomatic tech, Province is one of the following: 23, 24, 251, 355, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399, 408, 410, 412, 413, 415, 421, 465, 727, 763, 830, 845, 848, 868, 870, 882, 887, 888, 893, 980, 1070, 1072, 1073, 1074, 1082, 1147, 1167, 1779, 1810, 2052, 2094 or 2130, Multiplied by 50% if owner has at least 85 diplomatic tech level, Multiplied by 50% if owner has at least 88 diplomatic tech level, Gain "Muism Gut" country modifier for 10 years, Owner has administrative technology level below 55, Multiplied by 10% if a neighbour province has "Plague". Using all of these to their maximum potential will give you a huge edge in any war. Twenty years ago, America was in the throes of a fiercely disputed recount battle in Florida. 'A daughter,' the midwife announces, 'You have a healthy, sturdy daughter, my [Root.Monarch.GetTitle].'. Another tactic for playing native americans/subsaharans is to use spies - incite natives at colonies and burn them whenever possible. Another tip for Daimyos - hire a spymaster and you'll get the option to hire ninjas, which can be useful in successfully claiming others' land (and can trigger an event for free prestige). The federal government is creating trillions of pages of new secrets every year, effectively making it impossible for average citizens to learn the truth about foreign policy until long after U.S. bombs have dropped. Dowling and Pfeffer (1975) indicate that legitimacy is a resource on which an organisation is dependent for survival. The country: The current ruler of the country dies. He proclaims that a child born to a royal house on this day shall rule a mighty kindom and is about to continue when the feeble sound of a newborn's first scream is heard. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

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