Otherwise, I’d add no more than a few tablespoons, as cocoa powder is pretty strong. Sure, Becky, although confectioners sugar may “melt” into the balls and kind of disappear. Perfect for an on the go treat and greeat for at work snacking. Health Benefits, Nutritional Values, Expert's Recommendations and a complete Buyer's Guide. Place the pan back on the stove over low heat. I really want to make these but can’t seem to find fresh dates. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for healthy eating is not shared by my family — especially the kids, who come home from school starving, open the pantry, and yell “Mom! Eat every morning with milk. Nuts, roughly chopped mixed nuts are added as the crunchy element in these energy balls. This powder adds volume to the mixture and makes sure they come together as a mass, which will be easy to shape. bookmarked as soon as I saw it on my FB feed. Hi Jenn . For Peanut Butter, do you think Tahini would work? I would like to add some chocolate flavor next time (without adding the calories). When combined, it produces a soft, gooey, fudge-like texture. Made with oats and nuts, they are the type of wholesome treat that you can feel good about giving to your family, whether for an on-the-go breakfast, lunch box stuffer, or car snack. These sound wonderful. Everything from the ingredients list, recipe instructions & final taste test was a cooks delight! Thanks, Jenn! Can you substitute agave for the honey? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now add 2 tbsp of ghee to this and saute. Hi Priya, m loving these…. Process the dates to a smooth paste. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for this great healthy snack idea. Thanks for the great recipe. dates are a great natural way of adding sweetness, Your email address will not be published. Some tension. He loves them! I’m adding 1.5 T brewers yeast and some mini chocolate chips ! I’d love to know how they turn out if you try it. Thank you for a great recipe. Creative Commons with Attribution Required. I work a lot of crazy hours sitting behind a desk so sometimes snacking gets pretty unhealthy and thoughtless. Nutritional information is offered as a courtesy and should not be construed as a guarantee. How much cocoa powder do you think I should add? What size pan? These are a lifesaver. These balls are an excellent source of protein and energy. Or snap a photo and share it on Instagram; be sure to tag me @onceuponachef. (Finely chopped nuts would also work nicely here.) This quick step takes the raw edge off the oats, giving them a golden-toasty flavor, and also enhances the taste of the nuts. They were a perfect addition to a recent Snowshoeing trip up in Breckenridge. Saute it well for 10-12 minutes in a simmer flame.The apples should get soft well and change color. When I was getting ready to measure the honey, I remember that one commenter had substituted maple syrup instead, so that’s what I did and it was a lot easier. But our children’s school doesn’t allow nuts…so I’m thinking of substituting the nuts with seeds. First visit to your website and love it! Stir until evenly combined (you’re not “cooking” the mixture; warming it just makes it easier to combine). These tasted great but mine would not stick together. These energy balls are easy to make and a great snack on the go. Try our other recipes like No-Bake Chocolate Truffles. Add the peanut butter, dates, honey, vanilla, and water. Remove oats from the pan and keep it aside. Totally forgiving recipe. Nice change from granola bars! These are so easy to make and so addicting. Tempted to try that for myself. My dates were a bit dry so I chopped them and then soaked them in boiling water for about 6 minutes while I worked on the rest of the recipe. Once it comes together as a mass, without sticking to the pan, remove it from the stove. I’ve made lots of different energy balls but these are by far the very best ones. I’m a huge fan of yours as every recipe of yours I’ve tried is a success! Whole flax seeds. I camp in my kitchen - Proudly Powered by WordPress. Also, these oats raisins energy balls consisting of many healthy ingredients. Though these bites are no-bake, I toast the oats and nuts together in a skillet before mixing them with the other ingredients. And, yes, I suspect you could also use stevia and more dates to hold the balls together. Enjoy! I just made these today and they are FANTASTIC! Making it very similar to muesli. I might suggest sunbutter over the tahini for these. Hope the grandkids enjoy! That is so nice to read, Diane – glad you are enjoying the recipes! I am always looking for healthy snacks for when the grands, 3 & 5, come to visit. LLPIN: AAL-5288 Content and Images are Licensed Under Creative Commons with Attribution Required. Hope everyone enjoys! LOL. The bites will keep in a covered container for up to a week in the refrigerator. Store in an airtight container. But you mustn’t need to have any such excuse to have these delicious energy balls. Thanks so much! These have healthy ingredients and are easy to store and transport. I used my food processor for doing the oatmeal and nuts. I have been searching for a healthy simple snack with fiber and protein that didn’t taste blah. My husband and I absolutely love them and even my 3 year approved! You can also use cardamom, cloves and saffron, it is a personal choice.

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