Unvaulting starts in D2 Year 4, with the Cosmodrome coming back, as well as its three Strikes and the return of the Vault of Glass Raid. In this blog we will cover everything else, from the story in Beyond Light through to the new power and pinnacle caps. This is pretty fascinating, and a big deal. Earlier this year, Bungie revealed its intention to rotate old, irrelevant content out of Destiny 2 to make room for new and more interesting content. By Sherif Saed, And we all know how cross-gen issues held back the original Destiny especially. Considering these are four major planets in the solar system, the game will almost certainly provide a reason for it. Besides that, the Destiny 2 narrative would probably need to do plenty of story gymnastics to balance the addition and removal of legacy content if that were the case. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. You may opt-out by. For more information on specific content moving to the Destiny Content Vault during Year 4, please select a category. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Even more legacy content from the original Destiny could theoretically return, with Smith directly hinting at a return of the Vault of Glass raid from the first game. Sure, they may still get to roam the Solar System, but they seemingly won’t be able to take part in the vast majority of the available story missions, strikes, raids and other co-op activities. Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected will not be available to acquire at the start of Year 4. Destiny 2's story will certainly find a way to do so, and it may not be the most riveting story, but at least it will provide a reason that can be interwoven into the rest of Destiny's story. Follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Given that I write roughly seven zillion articles a day, I have trouble keeping up with all of my favorite Destiny 2 content creators all the time. Beyond Light releases November 10, which is when all of that will take effect. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. Aztecross also mentions that he believes that it’s likely we leave behind older, last gen consoles soon enough here, as it’s likely these changes focused on next-gen will soon be too much for old units to handle. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Earlier this year, Bungie revealed its intention to rotate old, irrelevant content out of Destiny 2 to make room for new and more interesting content. In a blog post, Bungie detailed exactly what’s going away on November 10 with the release of the Beyond Light expansion. The Destiny Content Vault will cycle game content from Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 into the game. Any kind of reasoning like that would at least utilize story to contextualize the disappearance of those maps from the Director, but could also leave the option for legacy content to return later on as necessary. Friday, 21 August 2020 10:51 GMT. To create a sustainable ecosystem where the world can continue to evolve in exciting ways, and where we can update the game more quickly, each year we will cycle some destination and activity content out of the game (and into the DCV) to make room for new experiences. This leaves out the new Gambit, a mix of regular Gambit and Gambit Prime, and the Crucible. By Rob Dolen Oct 23, 2020 Share Share Tweet Email Once Beyond Light begins this November, much of the original Destiny 2 content is being vaulted to both reduce the game's file size as well as make way for new content. He talks about an eight hour meeting with content creators that Luke Smith had last fall talking about both the content vault and a potential Destiny 3, and while this sounds like something he may not technically be able to talk about (better check that NDA), the info’s out there now. I am taking away two main things from this pretty blockbuster reveal: 1) The removed content may indeed be back sooner than we think it will. As you might have already guessed, they also happen to make up most of the content in New Light. In our two previous blogs, we discussed Locations, Activities & Legendary Weapons and then Raids, Exotics & Catalysts. Having a consistently flexing storage size for a game could be annoying for players with stricter storage usage for games, especially Destiny 2. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the updated policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The Destiny Content Vault is a concept that has been implemented to continually renew game content in Destiny 2. Get it on Google play. The three combined served as an introduction to Destiny 2’s mechanics, as well as conflicts and factions, not to mention were the most accessible, highly-produced parts of the game. Bungie is working on an “expanded Guardian origin story” that will take place in the Cosmodrome – which returns from Destiny 1 this year, but that is meant as a sort-of-tutorial for new players. Not even kidding. For the guardians in Destiny 2, however, Bungie could imply a very different story if that content is intended to leave. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. Big fan of expansive lore and game analysis, video games are cool. In the previous article, we discussed the raids, exotics and catalysts going into the vault, but today we will go through the locations, legendary weapons and activities on their way out. While it will be useful for implementing new content add-ons over time, it does mean a lot of the base content from Destiny 2 and early DLC expansions like Curse of Osiris and Warmind are leaving the game as well. This means you need to complete all of the challenges, loot all of the hidden chests, and finish a flawless run before November 10.

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