Many people turned around and settled in Yuma – the origin of the neighborhood still known as “Okietown”. Because the flow of the river there could be controlled, it was a perfect place to try out portable bridging equipment that would be used in Europe. In 1540, Portuguese colonial expeditions under Hernando de Alarcón and Melchior Díaz visited the area and immediately recognized the natural crossing of the Colorado River as an ideal spot for a city. The city is approximately 60 miles (100 km) from the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez), a branch of the Pacific. Atmospheric humidity is usually very low except during what are called "Gulf surges", when a maritime tropical air mass from the Gulf of California is drawn northward, usually in connection with the summer monsoon or the passage of a tropical storm to the south. In 1997, the desert city sustained a full tropical storm after Hurricane Nora made landfall at the mouth of the Colorado River and quickly moved due north along it. The city of Yuma operates as a charter city under the Charter of the City of Yuma. The average household size was 2.79 and the average family size was 3.27. Arizona Western College is Yuma's community college, serving primarily as a choice for transfer students and those with shorter career goals. A new main state-of-the-art library is now open. Stripped of their native forests and starved of seasonal flooding, the banks of the Colorado were overgrown with non-native vegetation and often occupied by transients. It is situated right at the border between the US and Mexico. According to the city's 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,[32] the top employers in the Yuma Metropolitan Statistical Area in 2018 were: Other large employers include Bose, Dole Fresh Vegetables and Shaw Industries.[33]. The county of San Diego collected taxes from there for many years.[8][9]. During the Gold Rush, the number of residents of the town increased dramatically and Yuma turned into a large town. [24] It formally incorporated as a city on April 7, 1914. Formally incorporated under territorial law as Arizona City in 1871, the town was renamed once more in 1873 – to be known from that point forward as “Yuma.”. The explorers called the Indians the Yumas, from the Spanish word for smoke (humo), because smoke from their cooking fires filled the valley as the Spaniards surveyed the Crossing from “Indian Hill.”. Colorado City and Jaeger City were almost completely destroyed by the Great Flood of 1862 and had to be rebuilt on higher ground. By the 1870s, six steamships and five barges were traveling the lower part of the river (and decimating the native forests of willow and cottonwood to fuel their boilers). It was not until 1774 that Yuma became firmly fixed on maps of New Spain. Clockwise from top: Old Yuma City Hall, Yuma Theatre, Old Yuma Post Office, ‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties. They offloaded the cargo from ships at the mouth of the Colorado River at Robinson's Landing and from 1864 at Port Isabel. The plane was an Aeronca Sedan named the “City of Yuma” and emblazoned with the hopeful slogan “The City With A Future.”  The small plane took off on August 24 and did not touch the ground again for nearly 47 days – until October 10, 1949. Italian prisoners of war used to help build the facilities were allowed to visit town once a week. Falling outside both these seasons, June is the driest month, with drought virtually absolute. On average, the temperature lowers to the freezing mark in less than a quarter of years, and there are 118 days per year that reach or exceed 100 °F (38 °C), usually from April through October. In one year, more than 60,000 travelers passed through what was then known as Colorado City, following the Gila Trail – present-day Main Street – to the rope ferry that would carry them across the Colorado River. The population density was 726.8 people per square mile (280.6/km2). Here the waters ran swift, but the banks held firm and the passage was, if still hazardous, at least predictable. Yuma, AZ, USA is located at United States country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 32° 41' 54.3732'' N and 114° 39' 1.4328'' W. Coordinates of Yuma, AZ, USA is given above in both decimal degrees and He led the first land expedition to Baja California, confirming that it is a peninsula, not an island. [38], The City of Yuma City Council is the governing body of the City of Yuma and is vested with all powers of legislation in municipal affairs. Yuma has four charter elementary school: AmeriSchools Academy North and South, Harvest Preparatory Academy, and Desert View Academy. Yuma is colloquially referred to as the “Winter Lettuce Capital of the World”. As part of the Yuma project, a massive tunnel called the Yuma Siphon was dug underneath the Colorado River. The population of modern Yuma is estimated to be close to 95,000 people. A fairly enlightened institution despite its fearsome reputation, the prison remained in operation until 1909; its buildings were used by Yuma High School from 1910 to 1914 and now are the main attraction at Arizona’s most-visited state historic park. There were 34,475 housing units at an average density of 323.3 per square mile (124.8/km2). The city's economy is relying on agriculture and services, especially customs related services. [17] The lowest recorded temperature was −6 °C (21 °F) on the Yuma-Mesa area in January 2007. View the latest information about COVID-19 from Yuma County Public Health Services District, Development of West Wetlands Park (first phase opened 2002), Development of the East Wetlands environmental restoration area (begun 2004), Development of more than 10 miles of paved and lighted trails on the river and East Main Canal Design and development of Gateway Park (opened 2007), Public/private development of Pivot Point Conference Center (opened Nov. 2008) and Hilton Garden Inn at Pivot Point (opened May 2009). Developed on the south side of the river in what is now Arizona by speculator Charles Poston, it was the site of the custom house. The temperature fell to −6 °C (21 °F) for approximately two hours and harmed many crops grown in and around Yuma. The driest year at Yuma Airport was 2007, with only 0.15 in (3.8 mm) recorded. [citation needed]. 30 miles of street segments were sealed over the…, Website Design By Granicus - Connecting People and Government. The Civil Aeronautics Administration had authorized permanent runways at Fly Field in 1941; now activity ramped up and Yuma Army Air Base was established at the site. The latitude of Yuma, AZ, USA is 32.698437, F or Higher", "Could a hurricane lash Los Angeles? Because of budget cutbacks at the state level, Arizona State Parks no longer operates the Territorial Prison and Quartermaster Depot. [27] Yuma's agricultural workforce, which adjusts to the picking season, is cited by the Arizona Department of Commerce as the reason for the apparent high unemployment.[28]. The first train crossed into Arizona from California in 1877 on a track alignment that corresponds to present-day Madison Avenue. But the community rallied to “save” the parks, and the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area assumed management of the Quartermaster Depot in late 2009 and the Yuma Territorial Prison in early 2010. It had adobe dwellings, two stores and two saloons. the highest and lowest temperature readings during an entire month or year) calculated based on data at said location from 1981 to 2010. But it was the Anza Trail – through the Yuma Crossing – that opened the way for Spanish settlement of Alta (upper) California. The mayor is also recognized as the official head of the city by the courts and has the power to take command of the police and govern the city by proclamation during times of great danger. Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park, List of historic properties in Yuma, Arizona, "Annual Estimates of the Population of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2014", "Chapter Xix. Development of Pivot Point Interpretative Plaza, a free public exhibit area on the site where the first railroad train entered Arizona in 1877 (opened June 2010). Yuma contains the historical Yuma Territorial Prison, the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park (formerly known as the Yuma Crossing Historic Park), and a historic downtown area. DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. Yuma (Cocopah: Yuum) is a city in and the county seat of Yuma County, Arizona, United States. The next election is the August 2019 Primary for the three city council seats that are currently held by Miller, Thomas, and Shelton.

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