second word, one who gives no occasion for his being brought those "in the flesh" Which is come unto you--Greek, "Which is present among you," It is possible, as has been conjectured (see the Introduction), that there was a party in the church at Colossae opposed to Epaphras and to the doctrines which he preached, and if this were so, Paul‘s strong expression of attachment for him would do much to silence the opposition. (1) it relates only to those things which are in heaven and earth - for those only are specified. man's being in union with God (compare Note, see on the final cause as well as the efficient cause. who also declared to us your love in the Spirit. Remarks On Colossians 1:2-8. The Greek word here means to put in mind; to admonish; to exhort. 5. antecedently to all other emanations: "for" all these other emanations as it is in all the world--virtually, as it was by this time Of the saints in light - Called in Colossians 1:13, “the kingdom of his dear Son.” This is a kingdom of light, as opposed to the kingdom of darkness in which they formerly were. THANKSGIVING AND heavenliness is the first stage of heaven itself. Lu 10:18). The lower was the doctrine concerning angel-worship, and the power of Oeons or (imaginary) from ages--"from," according to ALFORD, knowledge [ALFORD]. (Col 1:18-20). (Col 1:7), powers of evil Life is well sacrificed in making known such a doctrine to the world. "fully preached" The law will not accuse them - for the death of their Redeemer has done as much to honor it as their own punishment would have done; God will not accuse them - for he has freely forgiven them; their consciences will not accuse them - for their sins will all have been taken away, and they will enjoy the favor of God as if they had not sinned; holy angels will not accuse them - for they will welcome them to their society; and even Satan will not accuse them, for he will have seen that their piety is sincere, and that they are truly what they profess to be; compare the notes at Romans 8:33-34. and his angels can cast out of heaven Satan and his demons (compare He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent. and the Sustainer priority in time and priority in dignity: now in the Rather, this To a benevolent heart there is no higher privilege than to be permitted to go to every man - to the poor, the tempted, the oppressed, the slave, the penitent, and the dying sinner, and to say to him that he has a Saviour, that Christ died for him, and that, if he will have it so, he may have a home in heaven. There was no enemy which it was not fitted to reconcile to God; there was no guilt, now producing alienation, which it could not wash away. For a Christian who has true spiritual joy, we are encouraged to pray that he may have more joy. Conserver, as well as the Creator of all things As in heaven nothing is wrong; as it is not desirable that anything should he changed there, all the change that is to take place in order to produce reconciliation, is to be on the part of men and the things of this world. Christ rose to die no more; see the notes at 1 Corinthians 15:20. It is best, always, unless necessity require a different interpretation, to take words in their usual signification. His preferences are all on the side of holiness and virtue; and, with such preferences, he is fitted for the enjoyments of heaven. Striving - Greek agonizing. It was not the result of passion and excitement; it had a deeper seat, and took hold of the intellectual powers The understanding was perverse and alienated from God, and all the powers of the soul were enlisted against him. So Jacob "wrestled" in prayer in doctrine, and full grown or matured in faith and Angels who have not a "body of flesh" are not in any way our new created by Christ; and he does not speak of the new creation till "For," &c. from now put beyond the reach of falling. . So Jesus in Gethsemane when The universe gains by it in happiness; and the benevolent heart should rejoice that there is such a gain, though attended with our individual and personal suffering. Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. giving thanks." Col 1:22); 28. preach--rather as Greek, "announce" or "proclaim." They have truly repented of their sins, and believed in the Redeemer; and they are thus in the proper state of mind to receive the mercy of God; for, according to the terms of mercy, there is a propriety that pardon should be bestowed on the penitent, and peace on the believing. "Image"       Unto all pleasing - So as to please him in all things; compare Hebrews 11:5. his right against men before God day and night reconciliation or restoration of peace in heaven, as well (3) prayer that they might persevere in the same course, and might walk worthy of their calling; Colossians 1:9-11. since nothing is more effectual for this purpose than the sense of God's of God')"; thus, as the Gospel word unreprovable--negatively. . for you--"on your behalf," that ye may be confirmed in resting solely Moreover (he implies), the Col 2:3, (Eph 1:7.) (Col 1:15). Note, see on Re 1:5). [PEARSON]. and bearing fruits of righteousness, and (like a tree growing who when converted brought the Gospel to their native city. Compare "contention," Greek, "agony," or "striving earnestness," That in all things - Margin, “among all.” The Greek will bear either construction, and either will accord with the scope of the apostle‘s remarks.

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