With the Russian Ministry of Defence aiming to replace its fleet of T-72s, T-80s and T-90s, the Armata is the culmination of plans for a complete overhaul. Since it can carry a full squad of infantry, unlike no other tank, the purpose of this tank is suited for urban combat among being able to engage other tanks as well. What this means is that it can go to difference stances, depress, elevate in different directions which if in a hull-down position is very useful for aiming the gun in directions which otherwise would not be achievable with standard torsion bar suspension. It also sports an active protection system which can destroy many types of incoming prjectiles. Well first you need to look at multiple variables and factors which play into a situation. but if you have a good tank with poor trained crew, any tank can defeat the best tank in the world. The T-90AM has the latest fire-control equipment and uses an advanced explosive reactive armor which is said to be highly effective against the newest Western ammunition. The engine is placed at the front of the tank which adds extra protection to the crew and any infantry who can ride in the back. It is one of the fastest tanks in the world, being able to travel 44 mph over roads in comparison to the M1A2’s 42 mph. Its accurate 120 mm rifled gun holds the world record for the longest-range tank-to-tank kill. In fact, the greatest threat to Abrams came not from enemy tanks but from IEDs and insurgents striking the side and rear of the tank with advanced Russian antitank weaponry. – Just an example. The Leo 2 is often credited as the best tank when taking into account the costs and economics. Which is why it makes it in the third spot on this list. So you being in an M-84A tank, suddenly makes you expert on MODERN tanks. Some will love it, some will hate it. As with any military weapon, the major powers of the world have continued an arms race involving tank production since that September day during World War One. Featuring a new crew layout providing added security, extensively developed anti-missile systems and an unmanned turret, the Armata’s defensive capabilities are par excellence. Like the T-72, the T-90 has a three-man crew and uses an automatic loader for the main gun. The tank uses modular armor which can be taken off and replaced quickly. Most objective ratings put the M1A2SEP with TUSK in the number 1 position with the Merkava Mk4 close behind and the Leopard 2 next. When purely looking at combat performance the Abrams is credided number 1. you r right. I'm the active duty law enforcement officer serving in SWAT unit. This cook-off is by far the number one reason entire tank crews are wiped out and tanks are destroyed beyond repair. Posted by Jonathan Jones | Dec 29, 2019 | Opinion | 12. Leopard 2A7 (Germany) An upgrade to the original Leopard 2 design, the Leopard 2A7 is upgraded specifically for urban warfare threats. and that is mind control in new world order. merkava is in its own class. The vehicles engine is powered by a MTU MB-883 Ka500 diesel, which provides 1,500 horse power (HP), an additional 400 horse power is gained through a gas turbine power unit. 3. It also has modular armor which can be added onto the vehicle for extra enhanced protection while also having composite armor. Take for example the Mervaka, it would be suggested that the vehicle is a heavily armored transport tank which can go into urban areas since it can take a lot of punishment. Then when something happens we will beg the US to help us (again). The M829A3 still outperforms the DM-53 round by a considerable margin even with the L55 gun. Which is also why many nations use F-16 and not the better F-15. The tank is armed with a 120 mm rifled (L30A1) main gun. Furthermore, combat testing is what actually determines whether a tank is good or not. It only has a crew of three and uses an autoloader very similar to the one used in South Korea’s K2 Black Panther, reportedly able to fire 12 rounds per minute. The rifled gun is also a liability – it should have been scrapped for the NATO standard years ago. sorry, guys! I like your assessment and the K2 does seem to be a very capable tank. However in most situations it would account to who shot first or who sighted the first person since tank guns can almost penetrate any type of armor; no matter how thick, or cause a mobility kill. When I'm not writing about sports, almost anything to do with movies, politics and world events can grab my attention. The angular welded turret and 1500 hp diesel engine show the Western influence which the Chinese have incorporated into their newest tank. Furthermore, for the second year in a row, British tanks will not be attending annual armoured training in Alberta, Canada due, The Best Main Battle Tanks in the World Today (2020), Roderick Bond Fraud Movie Star’s New Tank Documentary, Cheshire’s Tatton Park Hosts International Tank Museum Charity Event Organised by Rod Bond, A History of Tank Design between World War One and World War Two, British Army Tank Training Curtailed due to Coronavirus, Currently Active US Army Military Combat Vehicles, UK Defence Secretary Denies Mothballing Tanks, Tanks Deployed amid China-India Border Tensions. Europe is slowly disarming itself, being naive to think there are no treaths. I personally would list the new Leopard 2A7. It is apart of NATO. Outside of the United Kingdom, only Oman operates the Challenger 2. The tank uses a 120mm rifled main gun which can fire conventional ammunition and guided missiles. Armor surfaces on the Abrams turret and glacis are sloped on two axises. Finally, computers, high end optics and advanced warning and protection devices all make today’s frontline tanks deadly and expensive. Mainly the people who voted in the poll came from the United States; so there can’t be any claims of bias since the Leopard 2A6 is a European/German tank. Like the T-90 and Merkava, the K2 is said to be capable of operating an active protection system to destroy incoming missiles, although this is still under development. The K2 Black Panther also features an advanced hydro-pneumatic suspension system like no other tank in the world. K1A1 The Challenger 2 uses the newest form of armor known as ‘Chobham armour’ whose composition is highly classified but said to be more than twice the strength of steel. [6][7] Outside parties codename the tank M-2002 because the tank … Also similar to Russian designs, the crew consists of only three people with the loading of the gun done by an autoloader. During international tank challenges the latest Leopard tank has outperformed most of its competitors. The Leopard, however, does out perform it as it can travel 45 mph over road in generic state. 6. Challenger 2. It has a power to weight ratio of 19.2 hp/tonne, most other tanks have 1500 hp (Horse Power) engines and since it only has a 1200 hp (Horse Power) engine while also weighing in at 62.5 tonnes the vehicles weight doesn’t help in this regard. A military enthusiast, and creator of armour.ws. From that day forward, the tank became an important piece of weaponry which every major power in the world developed and deployed over the following century. The M1A2 SEP is a battle tank used by the US. However it is on this list, since it is the most battle tested tank in the list. Monetary values have been updated as close to 2014 figures as possible, often using government or production company reports. The Pokpung-Ho Battle tank is a North Korean main battle tank (MBT) developed in the 1990s.

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