Are you having pain in your belly button? Appendix pain starts on the left side of the belly button and gets severe over time. This type of pain usually lasts for only a few minutes. Belly pain will often not go away with resting, as such proper medical diagnosis to identify the underlying cause of the pain is really important. Consult a doctor before the stomach infection spreads to the surrounding organs. The location of pain in the belly button can also vary. This inflammation may be due to a host of causes, such as injury, infection or immne-mediated reactions like allergies and autoimmune diseases. For hernia, the torn tissues can be repaired through the laparoscopic procedure. Belly button pain is something you cannot ignore. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In contrast, the term abdominal pain means that pain may be present irrespective of whether there is pressure applied to it or not. Therefore contacting a doctor is very important. Pain Under Right Breast: 10 Most Common Causes You... 15 Most Common Causes of Pain Under Right Rib Cage. You can ignore the minor issues that will heal its own. Your abdomen and belly button may experience constant pain for a few days after abdominal surgery. So on my left hand side, when I press the side of it, it feels like i am bumping into something and it hurts, scale of 1-10 4. and only when pressed... the other side if fine. It hurts (mildly) to press on belly button. Tenderness when pressing on these quadrants is usually indicative of a problem with an organ in the specific quadrant. The symptoms may be the pain in the belly button, swelling near the belly button, nausea, and vomiting. Let’s take a closer look at this strange pain in the belly button. The location of pain in the belly button can also vary. Belly button pain is something you cannot ignore. Belly button during pregnancy is quite normal, in most cases, it is just your body adjusting to the pregnancy. It mainly occurs after having meals and pain can be mild or severe. In the USA more than a million hernia surgery happens in a year. Whichever the case, proper medical attention should be given to try and figure out what the underlying cause of the pain is. Severe and constant pain around the belly button; Serious pain that makes you wake up in the night or cause difficulty in doing your regular work; Recurrent bout of throwing up and nausea; Abdominal pain lasting for an extended period; Serious dehydration arising out of an inability to drink fluid; If the pain in the abdomen is due to lack of an injury. Pain in the navel region, both constant and intermittent, cannot be simply ignored as they could be a symptom of any serious disease developing in your body. Related post: Sharp pain in right, left and tip of tongue ( causes & how to get rid). Belly Button Pain Causes: Why does your belly hurt? The first symptom is belly button pain that shows that the pancreas is not functioning properly. It is very important to understand the type of pain to know the cause of the pain. The pain can be sharp or mild which lasts long or for a temporary period. Pain or a feeling of discomfort in this area is known as umbilical pain, commonly called belly button pain. Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. Appendicitis surgery can be done through minor surgery or use a laparoscopic treatment. If you have pain in the navel point caused by appendicitis, then removal of the appendix is necessary for treating the pain. For diseases like hernia, stomach ulcer, gallstones, and appendicitis doctors may recommend surgery to get rid of the disease. ? (Also Read: Common digestive conditions from top to bottom ). (Also Read: Hernias in Men versus Hernias in Women ). 10 Tips For Quitting Weed, How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pain? But if you have constipation for a long period of time that can be dangerous. The intensity of pain may vary. For sharp and recurring pain, it is essential to contact your doctor immediately to prevent the condition from getting worse. It hurts for a moment if I turn & lay on my right side. Some of the common cause of belly button pain will include constipation and appendicitis (a serious medical condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed and painful). Ok so my belly button, its an "inny" it doesnt stick out. A hernia is one of the most common causes of pain under the belly button. But if you have constant pain around your belly button during pregnancy contact your doctor. Inflammation is a mechanism to protect against tissue damage. Indigestion may happen because of smoking, alcohol, eating too much food, spicy food, gastric problems, ulcer etc. The bad bacteria when entering the gut can cause infection and cause severe pain in the belly button. For any of these concerns, you can put your query below or.

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