Conversely, hiking in Georgia in mid-summer you won’t need as many cold injury treatment supplies. This is at no extra cost to you and buying from our links helps support the site! What Medical Conditions Am I Likely to Encounter? The kit is plastic with interior compartments that are designed to help keep the kit organized so that you can find the medical essentials that you need when you need them. Hands-on training builds critical judgment and skills that you’ll lack from other learning sources. If you’re a professional outdoor guide, fishing guide, or other outdoor worker, you might consider getting your WFR certification. It’s perfect if you’re running a daycare or need to be able to effectively treat your staff before medical help arrives. As if having a 1,000 piece emergency kit were somehow helpful. For minor injuries, this should have you covered. There are 89 pieces in this kit, which include first aid essentials like gauze pads, bandages that vary in size and shape, medical tape, tweezers, and even an ice pack. This cert is higher than most people need – even most outdoor guides don’t need it. Large burns are also very difficult to keep clean on the trail and are prone to secondary infection. The best medicine for wilderness burn injuries is prevention. Many guiding companies won’t accept certifications from other schools for their guides. The first aid kit is designed from a strong polymer material that is not going to become damaged on the trail. If you’re camping in a large group and don’t mind the 2.8 lb weight then you’ll be well covered for your next trip. One of my biggest criticisms of first aid kits is they tend to focus on the highest “piece” count as a selling point. This lightweight kit only weighs a pound. The carry case is actually a backpack that can store additional items. Stick with what you know, and make sure you’re prepared to treat colds, common illnesses, and minor cuts scrapes and bruises. You're hurt. The tin has a hinged top that is easy to open. At just under 2 pounds it’s not the lightest we’ve seen but it’s pretty comprehensive. You can do this by using Backpacker’s Wool or Mole Foam. When you’re beginning to feel mildly ill. I’m going to help you learn what to put in your backpacking first aid kit, which med kits are worth your time, and point out a few pro tips you can use in the field. There’s a lot to know about wilderness medicine and that in turn affects the type, size and scope of your first aid kit. The JIEXING first aid kit is a small, ultralight first aid kit that is designed to fit in your backpack – no matter how many days you are exploring the trail. In uncertain times, it’s nice to just have a backup emergency supply somewhere. Don’t be afraid to call for rescue if you are in peril, but remember the SAR helicopter team is putting themselves at risk by coming out looking for you. When you’re wet, cold, lonely, tired and upset (but your life is not in danger). The included guide gives some good tips for canine first aid. Instead, pull off a quick and effective repair with a simple kit, either needle and thread or an adhesive patch. In an emergency situation this is the bag you grab before heading out of your home. But the first-aid kit is back in the car--12 miles away. Each of these trips should be prepared for differently, but you should also take the number of people and the type of exploration that you’ll be enjoying along the way into account. Wash your hands often and clean your cooking utensils thoroughly to reduce exposure to NVD illnesses. Nothing replaces appropriate training by a wilderness medicine professional. A great way to minimize the weight is to find a compact kit that is lightweight and can easily fit in or attach to your bag. Case dimensions: 13″ X 12″ X 4″…. The kit is designed to close easily with a zipper, so you will not lose any of your first aid essentials in your bag, and the bright orange exterior is very easy to see in the dark. Ideal for most…, Fully organized interior compartments provides quick access. It’s inexpensive, takes little time, and teaches practical skills you’re likely to remember – and be able to use – in an emergency. It is beyond the scope of this article to teach you emergency life-saving procedures. An ultralight hiking or backpacking first aid kit can be made by reducing the quantities of each item, removing packaging and leaving out any non-essential items from the day hiking emergency kit list above. Designed to meet the needs of 100-person groups, this kit isn’t the smallest or lightest but will give peace of mind for road travel and group camping. See-through pouches make it easy to get what you need. Whether you’re using a PLB, cell phone, or smoke signals, you need to know when to call for backup. The compact case holds quite a bit of first aid essentials. There is a first aid guide included in the kit. At some point, the blister will pop, or you’ll choose to lance it. Finding the best first aid kit is not always easy, so this guide is designed to help you determine which kit is best for each situation. The 2-person tube tent, survival sleeping bags and body warmers will get you through the night and the other items will help to set up a basic camp. Durable, stainless steel scissors are included in the kit. Best for really covering your bases – but be sure to mix and match with personal additions. In my experience, – both personally and while guiding backpacking trips – I know this to be true. Let’s take a look at some of the items that you will want you first aid kit to include. The latches that secure the kit are very durable. To keep your first aid kit from becoming unwieldy, you’ll need to tailor it for the season, location, and situation. Surviveware Small First Aid Kit for Backpacking. Survival skills aren’t separate from medical skills, I think they complement one another. If you are looking for a first aid kit to take backpacking or hiking, then you need to know what type of medical ailments may require your attention while you are out in nature. Leukotape comes in a roll which is inconvenient to pack. It costs very little to get a WFA certification and you’ll know a lot more when you walk out. This kit comes with 45 pads, pins, bandages, and other essentials, but if you feel that the kit needs something added to it, the spacious design is ideal for customization. By far the biggest basic-level mistake hikers are making in first aid care, is not knowing how to use the emergency kit they are carrying. If you are looking for a small first aid kit that can easily fit into your backpack, then the First Aid Only First Aid Outdoor Kit that we are going to look at, which is designed to open up like a book, is a great option to consider. The kit also has compartments for wound closures, eye pads, pressure bandages, hypoallergenic tape, and more, along with tweezers, linter probes, and high-quality stainless steel shears that can cut through cloth and seatbelts. In this kit, you’ll have generic drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, and non-aspirin tablets. Here are a few of the most common concerns that you may need to prepare for: A good survival medical kit is going to need to have a lot of features that you’ll need for a safe trip. It’s not ideal for hiking or camping but great for leaving in the trunk of your car for when you need to leave in a hurry when a storm, fire or earthquake hit. Where do I get my wilderness medicine training? After I certified as an EMT and Wilderness EMT, I quickly learned that I knew just enough to be dangerous. Fortunately, this one picks up the slack. Accidents happen, and when they happen on the hiking trail or on the road, they can leave you with ripped and torn equipment and clothing. One of the easiest ways to avoid NVD illnesses, and other trail problems, is to prevent them in the first place. What I will do, is break it down real quick with info you can use to choose the right first aid kit for you. The number of times you need a thermometer in the backcountry is rare, and things like emergency aluminized blankets belong more in survival kits than as first aid essentials. Keeping clean prevents many illnesses. Figuring out what should go in your hiking first aid kit and what should stay at home can be daunting, particularly if you lack experience. No. See-through pouches make it easy to find the items you need. The kit has a threefold design that can easily fit into your backpack without taking up much space, and the entire bag only weighs 12 ounces, so it will hardly be noticed.

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